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CMA Exam Help – There When You Need It

If you are preparing to become a CMA, you know how much time and effort it requires. It means giving up nights and weekends and trying to stay motivated when you’d really rather be taking a break. It can be hard, and it can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. Sometimes you need CMA exam help.

More CMAs have passed using Gleim than any other review provider, and it’s not because of our study materials alone. We think everyone should have access to the tools they need to advance their careers, so we have an extensive support structure available for our candidates when they need it. Here are some great reasons to turn to Gleim when you need CMA exam help.

Personal Counselors are in Your Corner

You can have your very own CMA exam mentor, a Personal Counselor, throughout your study process who will provide you with personalized CMA exam support. Personal Counselors are experts in Dr. Gleim’s unique learning methodology. Our outline method for learning mimics the way your brain actually absorbs information, and our diagnostic test process helps identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you can properly prioritize your time while you study. Dr. Gleim pioneered this method over 40 years ago, and has since helped millions of accounting students the world over pass their exams by allowing them to study in the most efficient and effective way.

There are many benefits to having a Personal Counselor. We’ll help you set up your study plan, and revise it as needed when life happens. We’re also available for encouragement and study advice. “The Personal Counselors are very helpful when you need them. I surely recommend Gleim, and will use it again if I pursuit another certificate,” said Amjad Barhoush, Senior Accountant.

We know everyone has a different learning style. That’s why we offer video lectures, audio lectures, an online course, a printed book, and more! Your Personal Counselor can help you decide how to use your study materials in the most effective and efficient way for you.

How often you interact with a Personal Counselor is entirely your choice–you may want frequent emails for ongoing encouragement, a once-a-week check-in, or a monthly status phone call. Our goal is provide CMA exam help when you need it, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with unwanted assistance.

“For me the Personal Counselors are the ‘human part’ of Gleim, and as such they are an important value added that Gleim provides,” says Michele Ferrantino, CMA. Gleim is more than just a book or online course. We’re here to help you every step of the way to your CMA credential.

Accessible Accounting Experts Provide CMA Exam Help

Our learning philosophy has been developed and refined over the past four decades. One of the central tenets, supported by research, is that you learn best from your mistakes. Analyzing answer explanations for the questions that you missed (after having made your best judgment) is the best way to start learning a concept. You learn not only the right answer, but why the right answer is right and the wrong answers are wrong. Don’t worry about making mistakes or a poor overall quiz average when you start out; the process will help you learn as you work through the materials. Although it may feel a bit counter-intuitive, you’ll learn more from wrong answers than from questions you got right.

Sometimes though, a question or a concept might just stump you. Candidates with a Premium Review System have access to our team of professional educators and accounting experts for CMA exam help. We’ve all had that experience, where something doesn’t click unless it’s explained in a different way. If a question or part of an outline doesn’t make sense, our team is standing by to help. Plus, we can point you in the right direction for further study if you feel you need it.

Mai. Abdel Azim, CMA, had this to say about our system and our support staff: “Personally, I benefited from Gleim Review System and its exam preparation techniques as well as the amazing personal counselors who were always available to provide me with advice and help me whenever I needed help. I also can’t forget the experts who helped me when I needed any clarification.”

Continuous CMA Exam Support Throughout Your Studies

Our Access Until You Pass® policy is unrivaled. It’s exactly what it sounds like–we are so confident in our materials that we will give you access until you pass. Additionally, if you follow the Gleim “suggested steps” detailed in our Premium CMA Review System, are unsuccessful in passing the exam, and are not satisfied with the system, we will refund your purchase price paid for the applicable sections within 18 months of your purchase.

As long as you’re studying and working through our materials, we’ll provide you with updates to any of our content that changes. The material will automatically update online, and we’ll summarize any major edits so you know what to look for. Even if you want a new book, just let us know and you only have to pay for shipping. If the CMA exam changes, we’ll let you know and make sure you have time to prepare well before they go live.

Gleim is dedicated to helping candidates succeed. That’s why we stay with you from start to finish. We constantly monitor exam sources to ensure our material is current. We make changes as needed to reflect any revisions and offer free updates to courses, just in case a test is changed. And we help keep you in the loop on which concepts to be ready for when you sit for your exam.


Four Decades Providing CMA Exam Help

No matter where you are on your way to become a CMA, we’re here to help. We’ve trained more CMAs than any other review course on the market. Let our decades of experience work for you and help give you a leg up on your CMA journey. See what we have to offer by trying our completely free CMA course demo today!