CPA Exam Review for CPA Exam Confidence

Exam-emulating cpa review

When you enter the Prometric testing center to take the CPA Exam, there is one emotion you’ll want to feel above all else: confidence. When you feel confident, you can do your best, and when you do your best, you can pass each CPA Exam section the first time you sit.

The key ingredients for confidence during the CPA Exam are preparation and comfort. To secure the confidence you need for CPA success, learn how exam-emulating CPA Exam review equips you to be prepared for and comfortable with the CPA Exam.

CPA Exam Review for Preparation

Sufficient preparation for the CPA Exam requires ample practice with the exam content. You study for the CPA Exam to be prepared for anything the exam may throw at you—from internal control concepts for the Auditing section to S Corporation tax structures in Regulation, so your CPA review course should cover every testable topic. If you study with a course that decides to exclude some exam content, you’ll go into the exam with unnecessary weak areas. So to help you be familiar with the accounting information specified in the CPA Exam blueprints, Gleim CPA Review thoroughly addresses all of it.

CPA Exam Review for Comfort

Being comfortable on exam day encompasses an entire array of tactics from how you dress to how much you know about the CPA Exam structure, layout, functionality, and timing. To determine your exam day wardrobe, diet, and travel schedule, you can talk to other candidates and visit the testing center beforehand. To determine your approach to the test, you can depend on your CPA review course to accurately represent the real test.

We’ve carefully and intentionally designed Gleim CPA Review to replicate the CPA Exam as much as possible so that you feel right at home with it. Reviewing with a course the emulates the exam so specifically allows you to see what each screen will look like (e.g., introductions, directions, multiple-choice questions, Task-Based Simulations, etc.) and learn how each screen functions (e.g., where to click to exit a testlet, how to open the Authoritative Literature, how to navigate to the next question, etc). You’ll then have hands-on experience with the process of taking the actual test. On exam day, this experience will enable you to concentrate more on the knowledge you’ve gained and less on the mechanics of manipulating the screens. The test is timed, so you’ll be able to move efficiently through the exam after practicing with Gleim CPA Review.

When you know what to expect of the CPA Exam in all these areas, you’re sure to encounter fewer surprises and experience less anxiety when you sit, and less anxiety means better performance.

CPA Exam Review for Confidence

Not all CPA Exam review courses achieve effective CPA Exam emulation. Other review providers may say they mimic the exam, but a quick comparison shows that they haven’t gone as far as Gleim. By the time you finish studying with Gleim, you will have had access to a test bank of more than 10,000 practice questions that look exactly like the questions you’ll see on the exam. Our CPA Review positions you to go into the exam with a level of confidence that is unparalleled by any other review provider. Gleim CPA Review takes care of these details so that you can focus on applying your knowledge of the subject matter instead of trying to figure out which button to click next.

CPA Exam Review for Success

Even when most other providers update their courses with modern designs, Gleim CPA Review retains the most current CPA Exam aesthetic for our practice questions so that you experience minimal surprises on exam day. Powered by SmartAdapt™ technology and featuring the largest bank of exam questions available, Gleim CPA Review recreates the look and feel of the CPA Exam more than any other course on the market. Discover the advantages of exam emulation for yourself by accessing our free CPA Exam questions today!