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As a college student, you qualify for special savings on Review Systems and other exam prep materials.
  • Juggling school and work while preparing for the CIA examinations was difficult. Enrolling for a formal review class was not an option for me at that time. I am glad I chose Gleim CIA review system because it afforded me with the flexibility I needed. The fully customizable online practice exam has an abundant test bank and it simulates the actual examination environment well. It helps you understand questions by providing explanations to the answers as well as comments from the experts. [ . . . ] I would definitely recommend Gleim to CIA candidates especially to those who desire to study on their own pace and schedules.

    Earl Jason O. Gozon
    Dr. Glenn Sumners Student Award Winner
  • Once I started using the study materials, I began to appreciate the flexibility that Gleim offered. [ . . . ] The book not only included the reading material, but also included numerous multiple-choice questions for each chapter, two essay questions, and accompanying answer keys. While the textbook worked well for me at home, I really appreciated that I could access the book online while studying on campus, as well as additional multiple-choice and essay questions, which mirrored the exam set up almost perfectly.

    Kylie A. Bennett
    Student Certificate of Distinguished Performance
  • I have been the follower of textbook approach throughout my student life. However, the interactive course introduced me to a completely new, innovative method of learning. [ . . . ] The Gleim review course is easy to follow, is presented in an interesting logical manner, and aids in progressive testing with multiple test modules. It provides ready to use summaries and audio-visual presentation for last minute exam preparations. I will recommend the course to all the aspiring candidates and urge them follow the Suggested Steps as outlined in the program.

    Rewa Kamboj
    CA, CMA
  • As an international student from Taiwan, English is not my native language, passing two parts of the CMA exams at a time and achieving distinguished performance mean a lot to me. [ . . . ] Gleim’s textbooks cover all the content that you need to know for the exam. They also provide huge multiple choice questions for you to practice after classes and studying. [ . . . ] Gleim also offers a number of essay questions and an easy-to-follow steps that taught me how to solve the questions efficiently. [ . . . ] I couldn’t have passed the CMA exam without Gleim’s help.

    Yu-Chien Chen
    Student Certificate of Distinguished Performance

EQE: Exam Questions and Explanations

Our Gleim EQE textbooks help students study for their college classes.

The Gleim EQE Books and Test Prep series consists of five books and Test Prep libraries, each covering a different topic as illustrated to the right.

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  • Auditing and SystemsThe Book/Test Prep Set–Auditing & Systems is essential for learning and reviewing the concepts and applications of auditing and systems.
  • Cost/Managerial AccountingThe Book/Test Prep Set–Cost/Managerial Accounting is essential for learning and reviewing the concepts and applications of cost and managerial accounting.
  • Business Law/Legal StudiesThe Book/Test Prep Set–Business Law & Legal Studies is essential for learning and reviewing the concepts and applications of business law.
  • Financial AccountingThe Book/Test Prep Set–Financial Accounting is essential for learning and reviewing the concepts and applications of financial accounting.
  • Federal TaxThe Book/Test Prep Set–Federal Tax is essential for learning and reviewing the concepts and applications of taxation.

Students save up to 30% off on Exam Questions & Explanation materials.  

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Career Resource Center

Learn everything you need to know about jumping into the accounting job market at our free Career Resource Center. We cover the most important topics for new accountants, such as:
  • General study tips for college courses
  • Information on the most prominent accounting certifications and designations
  • Guidance on how to navigate the path to certification
  • Salary information for all of the leading accounting certifications
  • Tips on how to stand out from your peers as you all get started on pursuing your careers

Our resources will provide you valuable tools to earn better grades, obtain your degree, and get a great start in accounting. This is the first step on your way to professional success in accounting.

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Free Basic Accounting Videos

The free Gleim Basic Accounting Video Series is led by Professor Amy Ford. It includes more than 65 videos that span 10 essential topics, this free video course can help you prepare for your classes or your certification exam. It’s also flexible—you can watch the entire video in full or simply dive right into a specific topic. 

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Basic Accounting Video Series
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