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Business Law & Legal Studies Study Aids

Business Law & Legal Studies Exam Questions & Explanations

(Book & Test Prep)

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Cross-referenced to most college/university textbooks
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The Gleim Business Law & Legal Studies EQE Book & Test Prep is an integral component of the Exam Questions & Explanations Books & Test Prep set. Outline material and comprehensive practice questions will improve your study process in an intuitive, interactive environment.

The Book/Test Prep Set–Business Law & Legal Studies is essential for learning and reviewing the concepts and applications of business law. Students and professionals alike benefit from studying a comprehensive blend of objective questions from certain exams such as the CPA and CMA.

Table of Contents

Preface for Accounting Students
Study Unit 1. The American Legal System
Study Unit 2. The American Court System
Study Unit 3. Civil Litigation and Procedure
Study Unit 4. Constitutional Law and Business
Study Unit 5. Administrative Law
Study Unit 6. Criminal Law and Procedure
Study Unit 7. Tort Law
Study Unit 8. Contracts: The Agreement
Study Unit 9. Contracts: Consideration
Study Unit 10. Contracts: Capacity, Legality, Mutuality, and Statute of Frauds
Study Unit 11. Contracts: Parol Evidence, Conditions, Discharge, and Remedies
Study Unit 12. Contracts: Third-Party Rights and Duties
Study Unit 13. Sale of Goods: Contract Formation, Title, and Risk of Loss
Study Unit 14. Sale of Goods: Performance, Remedies, and Warranties
Study Unit 15. Negotiable Instruments: Types, Negotiation, and Holder in Due Course
Study Unit 16. Liability on Negotiable Instruments, Banking, and Documents
Study Unit 17. Secured Transactions
Study Unit 18. Suretyship
Study Unit 19. Bankruptcy Overview and Administration
Study Unit 20. Bankruptcy Liquidations, Reorganizations, and Adjustments
Study Unit 21. Personal Property and Bailments
Study Unit 22. Computers and the Law
Study Unit 23. Real Property: Interests and Rights
Study Unit 24. Real Property: Transactions
Study Unit 25. Mortgages
Study Unit 26. Creditor Law and Liens
Study Unit 27. Landlord and Tenant
Study Unit 28. Wills, Estate Administration, and Trusts
Study Unit 29. Agency
Study Unit 30. Partnerships and Other Entities
Study Unit 31. Corporations: Nature, Formation, and Financing
Study Unit 32. Corporations: Operations and Management
Study Unit 33. Federal Securities Regulation
Study Unit 34. Insurance
Study Unit 35. Environmental Law
Study Unit 36. Antitrust
Study Unit 37. Consumer Protection
Study Unit 38. Employment Regulation
Study Unit 39. International Business Law
Study Unit 40. Accountants’ Legal Responsibilities
Appendix A: Subunit Cross-References to Business Law and Legal Studies Textbooks


Business Law & Legal Studies Exam Questions & Explanations book, 12th Ed. Free With Set. (Optional), EQE Test Prep-Business Law & Legal Studies, 12th Ed.

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