Campus Rep Program

Are you entering your junior/senior year or grad school?

Earn the Gleim Review System of your choice. Become a Gleim Campus Rep and be a part of our team by telling all of your classmates about Gleim. Fill out the form for more information.


Earn a full Gleim Review System of your choice
(CPA, CMA, CIA, or EA)

Great opportunity to network with professionals, teachers, and your peers.

Learn about the exam process and content while educating your fellow students.

Build your resumé.


Tell all of your classmates about Gleim.

Distribute Gleim promotional materials on our CPA, CIA, CMA, and EA Exam Review Systems.

Make sure Gleim is visible at club and campus events.

Opportunity to work trade shows with Gleim (not available in all areas).

 Meet Sarah,

Your Campus Rep Coordinator
 800-874-5346 ext. 453

Campus Rep Shout Outs

  • I am grateful for the opportunity to have performed as a Gleim Campus Representative. In addition to earning a CPA premium package I was able to meet and form relationships with many students and faculty that I don’t think I would have formed without being in this role. I also gained confidence in my speaking and presentation skills – not to mention I developed a mean sales pitch! I would recommend any student seeking a quality CPA preparation program to become a Campus Rep at your school. It is definitely worth the effort and time!!

    Tammy Arnold, Mercer University
    Voya Financial
  • Being a campus rep for Gleim gave me a lot of exposure and insight into the accounting profession. The opportunity to interact with my peers and hold meetings reviewing and explaining the Gleim materials helped many of my classmates including myself understand the vast opportunities that become available once you become a CPA. I personally was also able to attend the annual IMA Conference and this experience gave me great exposure and networking opportunities with other professionals in the accounting profession. Overall, after being a Campus Rep for Gleim and now studying for the CPA Exam using Gleim, I can say that I am so excited for the opportunities that the future holds for me!

    Shavaugn Sierras, Loyola Marymount University
  • Being a Gleim campus representative was a great experience. I was able to grow as a person as well as expand my network. From my initial interaction with Sarah Sheppard, Campus Representative Coordinator, to the first time I met Shayna, one of Gleim’s sales and counselor team members, to meeting Larry Gleim, family member to the Gleim family, I felt welcomed to the Gleim team. Throughout the number of events as well as the ones I hosted on campus, I was able to enhance my planning, presenting, networking, communication, and sales skills. All skills that will help me progress throughout my career. The devotion I’ve observed through being a campus representative as well as being a customer of Gleim has been amazing. At every event I attended as a Gleim representative there were many individuals who had used Gleim to study for a number of exams from the EA, CMA, CIA, to the CPA all of which had great things to say about them. I’m currently using Gleim to study for the CPA exams and the testimonials of all those I met at the events I attended were dead on. The response time and attitude of all those I’ve interacted with has been phenomenal.

    Nicholas Espinoza, University of Nevada – Las Vegas
  • The Gleim Campus Rep Program is a great opportunity for students to earn their desired accounting review system while learning more about the Gleim systems by sharing information with students and professors at your college or university. I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to promote Gleim on the campus of Winthrop University and would recommend the Campus Rep program to anyone!

    Nicholas Cunningham, Winthrop University
    CapinCrouse, LLP
  • As a Campus Representative for Gleim, I not only obtained the CPA exam prep materials at no cost, but was able to strengthen my presentation skills and took advantage of unique opportunities to network with professionals in the industry. The position is ideal for students who are interested in gaining public speaking and networking experience, all the while earning top-notch CPA (or CMA, EA, etc.) prep materials for free. I can speak from experience when I say that Gleim works; I have passed the first two sections of the CPA exam on my first try, and am expecting the same result from my final two. Representing for Gleim was a true pleasure and I highly encourage other students to pursue the position.

    Casie Cook, Metropolitan State University – Denver
  • My name is My Nguyen. I am currently a graduate student in the MBA program with a concentration in Accounting at Murray State University. I am planning to sit for the CPA exams next year. I joined the Gleim Campus Rep program as a representative at MSU in January of 2015. My experience with it was amazing and exciting. I had a chance to obtain valuable information about the CPA exams as well as developing my communication skills as I gave out many presentations at Beta Alpha Psi events and accounting classes at my school. I also provided other students with materials related to the exams, and answered any questions that they had about the Gleim products. The best thing about the program is that, at the end of the program, I received a full set of CPA prep course at no cost. It motivated me to accomplish the tasks, and focus on studying for the CPA exams without thinking too much about the cost of buying the prep.

    My Nguyen, Murray State University
  • Gleim’s Campus Rep Program excels in helping young professionals learn about the CPA, study for the CPA, and get involved with their campus. It’s something great to be a part of!

    Carla Locoteta, Marist College
  • Being a Campus Representative for Gleim was such a positive experience. Interacting with real world professionals and students alike really gave me the ability to connect, communicate, and exchange ideas with those who share similar interests. It also provided me with the understanding of what it takes to succeed in the field. Gleim has stood out on my resume and I am often asked about my involvement with the company during interviews. Many high ranking professionals are familiar with Gleim as it was the first testing materials provider of its kind. Those that aspired to be accountants, auditors, and tax professionals when Gleim was introduced know about the quality and prestige behind the name. I cannot thank Gleim enough for giving me the opportunity to be a Campus Representative and allowing me to explore the many career paths the accounting profession can offer. Gleim is truly invaluable to me! Thank you so much!

    Froymar Diaz, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
    MGM Resorts
  • Joining the Campus Rep Program was easily the best decision I made all year. The workload was really reasonable and I never felt overwhelmed during my time as a campus rep. Then of course once the program is completed you get one of the best CPA review courses out there for free.

    Jacob Lefty Sanchez, San Diego State University
  • Gleim is not just a company that supplies excellent study curriculum for accountants. It is also a place that will encourage and push you to achieve your full potential. I have received nothing but support and encouragement since the first day since I became a representative. These are the reasons I chose Gleim, but there are hundreds of other reasons to choose Gleim to help you succeed.

    Logan Harrah, University of Tennessee at Martin
  • CPAs are in high demand and having the CPA opens endless possibilities in Marketing, Finance, Management etc. To have these prestigious three letters after your name, choosing the right CPA review provider is important. To that end, Gleim is one of the most highly rated in the actual market. Gleim is the ultimate deal; it is affordable with a huge multiple-choice bank. Its materials have a rich content that comes with experienced Personal Counselors. Gleim has a system and tools that mirror the CPA exam, and constantly updates the questions to avoid wasting time on outdated questions. Being a Campus Rep didn’t just help me understand the Gleim CPA material; it also helped me understand the processes surrounding the CPA exam from how to schedule it to how to sit for the exam. Being a Campus Rep gave me the opportunity to network and to improve my communication skills. I also had great learning experiences at Gleim’s booth during the BAP 2016 annual meeting in Downtown Baltimore. Thank you to Gleim for the opportunity to share what I learned to my campus peers and faculty at University of Baltimore.

    Moumini "Kenzy" Ciss, University of Baltimore
    SB&C Company

Campus Rep Handbook

Join Gleim as a Campus Rep and lay the cornerstone to your accounting career. Find out more with this helpful resource.

The Campus Rep Handbook offers the essential information necessary to be an effective ambassador of Gleim on your campus. Learn about the responsibilities of this program so that you can fully understand its scope and opportunities to:

Advocate for the accounting profession and its certifications

Champion a team of peers with shared experiences

Foster a lifelong passion for accounting among you and/or your peers