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Gleim Campus Rep Program

Are you a college or university accounting student? Join the Gleim Campus Rep program to jump start your future in accounting and earn a free review system of your choice!

Who are Gleim campus reps?

Campus reps are college or university students who spend around 20 hours a semester educating classmates about how accounting certifications can advance their career. In addition, campus reps meet with professors and accounting professionals to set up events and network. Becoming a campus rep gives you opportunities to:

  • Advocate for the accounting profession and its certifications
  • Champion a team of peers with shared experiences
  • Foster a lifelong passion for accounting among you and/or your peers

As a Gleim campus rep, you’ll help students learn how to succeed in accounting while furthering your own career!

How will the campus rep program help you?

The Campus Rep program advances your career by:

  • Building and enhancing your resume
  • Delivering a free Gleim Premium Review System of your choice
  • Developing your leadership and public speaking skills
  • Positioning you as a leader among your peers
  • Introducing you to more professionals and professors
  • Making you an expert on the exams you will need to pass

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Campus Rep Shout Outs

  • The Gleim Campus Rep program is a great experience! Through the opportunity to represent Gleim at my university, I learned much more about what Gleim has to offer, and it is much more than what most people think! The Campus Rep program offered me a chance to grow as an individual and a professional through performing different tasks, such as focus groups and presenting. [. . .] I can’t wait to use Gleim to study for the rest of the CIA and the CPA!

    Angie Wong
    University of Texas – Dallas
  • I was so excited and honored to be chosen for the program to be a Gleim Campus Rep. I was presented with an excellent opportunity to build up on social skills and business vernacular that will help me thrive down the road! I got the chance to also meet some great people along the way. To top it all off, you earn a CPA premium package which is absolutely incredible. I don’t really see a negative to this program, especially if you are trying to get your CPA.

    Brendan Bailey
    CSU Fresno
  • As a Campus Representative for Gleim, I not only obtained the CPA exam prep materials at no cost, but was able to strengthen my presentation skills and took advantage of unique opportunities to network with professionals in the industry. The position is ideal for students who are interested in gaining public speaking and networking experience, all the while earning top-notch prep materials for free. Representing for Gleim was a true pleasure and I highly encourage other students to pursue the position.

    Casie Cook
    MSU Denver
    Boston Market
  • Being a Campus Rep for Gleim gave me the opportunity to both work collaboratively and by myself. A lot of leadership opportunities really push the collaborative side, but it’s just as important to learn how to get the job done by yourself as well. Even though I was working by myself, I always felt supported by Gleim. It’s important to find that balance between support and babysitting someone, and Gleim has found that balance in the Campus Rep program.

    Erika Ice
    Ashland University
    J.M. Smucker Company
  • The Campus Rep program helped me to improve not only my networking and public speaking skills, but also my knowledge about accounting certification exams. I enjoyed representing Gleim, which helps a lot of accounting students and professionals to advance their careers and improve their knowledge and skills. I am very excited to use the Gleim Review System to study for my certifications, and I will always cherish my awesome experience in the Gleim Campus Rep program.

    Gantsetseg Myagmarjav
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    Bank of Mongolia
  • I was able to speak to not only my peers, but also my professors and tell them about Gleim. I learned valuable public speaking, leadership, and organization skills that have helped me throughout my undergraduate career and during two busy-season internships. I am extremely thankful that I got this opportunity to do something value adding for my classmates. I have learned so much from my short time as a representative and hope more students from many other schools take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

    James Olmstead
    Oklahoma State University
  • Being a Gleim Campus Rep was a great experience for me in my last year as an undergraduate student. Through the program, I had many networking opportunities—with students, teachers, and faculty. It helped me develop soft skills by giving me a framework that simplified teaching students about the Gleim Review System. The experiences I had in sharing with others the value of this product gave me essential practice in being able to communicate ideas.

    Kayla Hansen
    Oregon State University
    Byzick + Company
  • As a campus representative for Gleim, I was able to learn about the CPA exam process, the different tests, helpful tips, and Gleim’s offerings to those who are wishing to pursue CPA licensure. I was able to further enhance my personal and professional skills including public speaking and presentation skills. I highly recommend the Gleim Campus Representative program to any students who are looking to take the CPA exams!

    Lauren Tom
    Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • I used Gleim to prepare for my EA and CMA exams. I am using it right now to prepare for my CPA exam. I was earlier using Becker for my CPA exam prep (back in 2014) and it did not match my studying style at all; I got so disappointed that I almost gave up studying for any certification exam. Thanks to Gleim I am now back in the game.

    Zunaira Khalid
    Texas Tech University

What tools do campus reps have?

As a Gleim Campus Rep, you’ll be provided with:

  • Free Gleim shirts that show off your love of accounting
  • Free popsockets to use and give out to your peers
  • Informational booklets for the CPA and accounting exams
  • Advertising materials like posters and fliers
  • Even more great accounting swag and materials

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