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Campus Rep Spotlight: Unlocking Success

Campus Rep Braylee studies for the CPA Exam

Braylee Cassavaugh, Gleim Campus Rep

Braylee Cassavaugh is a junior accounting student studying Public Accounting and Business Administration at Colorado Mesa University (CMU) in Grand Junction, Colorado. She tells us she chose CMU because it was a “perfect fit.” The college is close to her hometown, she explains, and it offers Public Accounting, employment opportunities on campus, many different student programs, extracurricular activities, and volunteer opportunities.

Aerial view of Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, Colorado.
Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, Colorado

Outside of class, Braylee is an active member of the CMU Accounting Club as well as two other clubs on campus. She also works part-time as a tax intern at Chadwick, Steinkirchner, Davis & co., P.C. (CSD).

She was recently accepted to the CMU MBA program and will graduate in May 2021.

A key to open all doors

When asked why she decided to pursue a career in accounting, Braylee attributes the decision to a love for puzzles. Accounting, she believes, is something of a master key among skills.

I like to solve issues and work through given data to find solutions. I also enjoy helping others and meeting with new people. In my opinion, accounting in general is so powerful and having a knowledge base of accounting opens many doors. Accounting can provide a meaningful career as well as help with your personal life.

It was through her advisor, Professor Philipp, that Braylee first learned about the Gleim Campus Rep program. She joined the program because she had already used Gleim’s supplementary textbooks, and tells us that she has sworn by them for the past two years.

I have already found that Gleim has given me an academic advantage and I refer Gleim textbooks to my friends often. My Intermediate Accounting supplementary Gleim book has become my best friend; I use it each week to study for quizzes as well as exams.

Tabletop filled with Campus Rep materials.
The Gleim Campus Rep materials toolkit.
Braylee standing in front of a projector screen and giving a presentation on Gleim at an accounting club meeting at Colorado Mesa University
Braylee giving a Gleim presentation at an accounting club meeting (CMU).

Braylee has since become just as much a fan of the Campus Rep program, and described her positive experience with us.

My favorite part of the program is knowing that there is always encouragement. I like to see the posts and videos on social media from other reps and hear their story. This gives me a sense of determination to speak with others about Gleim. I also love the fact that people who would have never approached me before ask about Gleim. It is a great way to make connections with my peers.

In Braylee’s keen opinion, there are definitely aspects of the Gleim review course that stand out, especially now that she’s familiar with the rigors of exam prep.

Since I started my Rep program, I have found the Personal Counselor and study schedule to be an awesome tool. The more I learn about these components, the more I tell people. I believe that these tools are unmatched by competitors and they are a wonderful way for people preparing to stay on track and get the very most out of their review course.

When there’s no time, make time

A diligent student of accounting, Braylee is now working toward sitting for the CPA exam, which she intends to begin in 2020. The process is not with out challenges, she tells us. In her mind, the hardest part of gaining education and experience is simply a lack of time, but she powers through nonetheless. “I wish that I could buy extra hours in the day sometimes,” she jokes. “Going to school full time, working, and participation in an internship all on top of being a Campus Rep is no easy feat, but if there is anyone who can juggle a mountain of tasks, its me.”

But where there is challenge, there is also great reward. Often, as in Braylee’s case, the investment of effort is its own reward.

Braylee sitting on a post overlooking several cliff faces.
Braylee hiking the mountains in Colorado

The most rewarding aspect of it all is getting good grades, getting positive feedback from instructors and professionals, and just knowing that I am working my hardest at the tasks at hand.

At Gleim, we’re all about studying. As such, we had to ask Braylee for shareable tips. Her approach is to be flexible—ready to study anytime, anywhere.

Braylee standing in front of a waterfall.
Braylee hiking a waterfall trail in Oregon.

My favorite time to study is when I cannot sleep. I will sit up for hours reading chapters and taking notes to prepare myself […] I also study when I have downtime throughout the day. No matter what time or where I am at, I must have the perfect studying vibes to focus. I like to listen to calm music, chew gum or snack on fruit, set my phone aside and set a timer that allows me to focus solely on my studies for a specified time period. I love going to coffee shops, if I have time in the morning, and ordering a drink while I work through homework and study guides. I also like to take study materials with me to the gym. I can take a few note cards or papers and focus on them while I jog or work on an elliptical. All in all, I try to make studying part of my day no matter what.

When there’s no door, make a door

Given Braylee’s experience as an accounting student, we also wanted to see if she had any specific advice for other students. To her, persistence is the trick. “If at first you do not succeed, try again,” she declares, “[…] and again, and again, ask an instructor, ask a peer, and try again.” A classic motto, and we couldn’t agree more.

Strong work ethic, persistence, and an aptitude for problem solving—these are all invaluable skills for any aspiring accountant. They’re also skills you’ll find in the toolkits of those who create their own success and improve the world around them. On that note, we’ll leave you with what Braylee had to say when we asked her what inspires her the most.

Braylee sitting at a table with a cup of coffee and her notes.
Braylee studying at a local coffee shop.

All the powerful women in the world inspire me more than anything else. Actresses, politicians, representatives, models, CEOs, accountants, engineers, and all the women that use their public profile for good. I hope to have that much influence on others when I am older. I enjoy watching people give to others who are less fortunate and women making their way into male workforces. It is inspiring to see so many ambitious women flourishing.