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Campus Rep Spotlight: A Go-Getter Never Quits

Gleim Campus Rep Angie Wong

Introducing-Angie Wong, Gleim Campus Rep

Angie Wong is a graduate student attending the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) and will finish her Master’s in Accounting in May 2020. She tells us she chose UTD for a few reasons, but primarily its proximity and familiarity.

I knew quite a few people who attended UTD. Going [there] with these friends allowed for an easier transition from high school to college because I didn’t have to completely start over. Additionally, UTD is close to where I grew up.

When she isn’t in class or at work, Angie spends her time on a variety of activities and interests. But as a busy student, it can be hard to find time for it all.

I love working out, watching YouTube videos, and cooking! I also love watching college and professional football and helping at my church! If I had more time, I would love to play flag football and volleyball. Unfortunately, I feel as if I am always doing homework or work, so I really do not have time to work out, play flag football, and cook as much as I would like. However, once I graduate, I would love to get back into all of that!

IAEP School

The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) is a participating IAEP program school. The IAEP (Internal Auditing Education Partnership) program was developed by The IIA to help grow the internal audit profession through higher education institutions. This program helps to build a foundation for students to prepare for the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) examination.

She’s also managed to start chipping away at her personal bucket list.

“Something that I have marked off [. . .] is going to a John Mayer concert. Something that I still want to do is ride around Tokyo in Mario Kart themed go-karts. The first and only time I was in Tokyo, I had completely forgotten that the go-karts were on my bucket list, so I plan on going back soon to do so!”

A calling for audit

Although she’s an accounting major, Angie says she’s not necessarily pursuing a career in public accounting. Rather, her interests lie in auditing.

After joining the UTD IIA/ISACA/ACFE Student Chapter in my undergrad years, I discovered that I want to be an internal auditor. When realizing my passion for internal audit, I concluded that I would like to continue expanding my knowledge about internal audit to become an effective and efficient internal auditor, which is why I am planning on completing the CIA certificate. I have passed Part 1 and am planning on completing Part 2 and 3 before the end of 2019.

Angie, four other IIA/ISACA/ACFE officers, and a team of 50 volunteers who assisted with the 14th Annual Fraud Summit at UTD.

UTD is an Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) program school. As such, it offers a variety of opportunities to students interested in audit. This, Angie tells us, is her favorite aspect of the program.

[The IAEP] program offers different courses related to internal and IT audit. Through the internal audit course, students are encouraged to pursue the CIA certification, as the course is taught around the internal audit profession as well as the certification.

Leading by example

It was through one such course that Angie first heard about the Gleim Campus Rep program.

The internal audit course at UTD is a huge supporter for obtaining the CIA certification. The class recommends the Gleim Review system, and I have had many friends take the CIA and recommend Gleim as well [. . .] I joined the Gleim Campus Rep program to learn more about Gleim and to give back by being an advocate for the program. [. . .] It has significantly helped me in my CIA studying.

Her favorite part of the Gleim Campus Rep program was the opportunity to inform other students about the benefits of Gleim, as well as showing them the CIA Premium Review System through focus groups.

Angie giving a Gleim presentation.

“By informing fellow students, I can also speak from personal experience to how Gleim has benefited me, [from] passing Part 1 to studying for the other parts [. . .] One of the features of the Gleim Review courses that stands out to me is the test bank. The questions in the test bank are relevant to their respective study material sections as well as the actual certification questions. After answering some questions in the text bank, Gleim will show you what sections you are more knowledgeable about and sections that you can expand your knowledge on.”

If at first you don’t succeed…

The path to certification is not short on challenges. For Angie, the biggest hurdle has been finding the motivation and time to study for exams. It’s been difficult at times but the results have been worth it. The best part?

Finally passing Part 1! I had failed it once before and felt extremely discouraged. However, I picked myself up and kept trying and studying. The second time I took it, I finally passed. It was a great sense of relief and success. I felt as if my hard work was finally paying off.

Angie interviewing Naohiro Mouri, the Global Chairman of The IIA and Chief Audit Executive of AIG, at the IAEP Exchange Conference held in Orlando, Florida.

Having the right study style and routine can make a world of difference when it comes to preparing for exams. Methods can vary greatly; Angie shared hers with us:

I like studying at a coffee or tea shop while listening to some jazz music. I also like studying around people that will keep me focused and can answer questions I may have. Additionally, studying at my boyfriend’s apartment during the day allows me to be the most productive, since it is nice and quiet. On Sundays, to stay organized, I usually plan out the days of the coming week, allocating time to different projects and homework, prioritizing my schoolwork and work for the week. This allows me to stay on track and complete assignments with upcoming deadlines.

Her advice for other students?…

Step out of your comfort zone. Take classes you are interested in that aren’t required. Network with other students and professionals. Be active in an organization that pertains to the profession you are interested in. You never know when you will meet someone that could be your future coworker or employer! Through participating in an organization, you may also improve your soft skills, which will shape you into a professional in the future.

We were interested in finding out what motivates a student like Angie, who has already accomplished much and continues to pursue her goals with determination and optimism. For her, it’s a singular but powerful motto—

Angie Wong receiving an OWLIE with Professor Joseph Mauriello
Angie receiving the OWLIE Award for Jindal School of Management "Outstanding Leader of a Student Organization."

‘It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.’ – Vince Lombardi.

This is my favorite quote because throughout my life, I have been knocked down quite a bit. There are times where I feel like giving up, but I always get back up, and complete and succeed at what I nearly gave up on. It is so fulfilling, knowing I did not give up when I could have. I live by this quote because it has been true of my past, and I will use it to motivate me in the present and future.