Gleim is used by more Top 10 Accounting Programs than any other provider

Increase your students' pass rates on certification exams with our free classroom tools!

Gleim is used by more Top 10 Accounting Programs than any other provider

Increase your students' pass rates on certification exams with our free classroom tools!


Professor-Led Resources

Gleim equips instructors with easy to use learning resources to help maximize student learning, while eliminating tedious tasks. We can be the T.A. you always dreamed of having.

Students will :

 Improve test scores

Learn and understand more in less time

Experience certification exam caliber questions

See how the Professor-Led Assessment Quiz Tools work for you

Professors will:

Save class time with automatic grading

Eliminate the burden of homework creation

Prepare your students for what to expect on their CPA exams

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Course Supplements

Exam Questions & Explanations (EQE)

Undergraduate Series designed to supplement accounting courses and deliver students higher comprehension skills and increased test scores on college exams.

Available titles include:

  •  Auditing & Systems
  •  Financial Accounting
  •  Business Law & Legal Studies

  •  Cost/Managerial Accounting
  •  Federal Tax

Cross-referenced with your textbooks

Exam Creator with Instructor Only questions

Solutions Manuals not available on Internet

Affordable – under $30

Free Assessment Quiz Tool

Easily and effectively deliver targeted homework, assignments, and exams to your students.

Available titles include:

Increase pass rates on certification exams

 Perfect for homework, extra credit, and exams

Save class time with easy quiz creation and automatic grading

Improve students’ weak areas with performance tracking reports

Use for Assurance of Learning (AOL)

Complimentary site license

A free program that presents students and faculty with access to our Assessment Quiz tool and provides significant discounts to your students. Available for CPA, CMA, CIA, & EA.*

Assessment Quizzes

Free use of the Assessment Quiz for an unlimited number of students.

Review Books

A complete set of Gleim Review Books for placement on reserve in a library or media center. Our Review Books helped you pass your exam; now you can share your success with your students!

Informational Booklets

Arm your students with critical knowledge to excel on exams and professionally.

How to Succeed in Accounting
Exam Guides


Significant discounts for your students on the Gleim Review Systems.

Read the Gleim Terms and Conditions.

*Offer extended to colleges and universities within the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories and associated states.

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Request Specific Books
Gleim CPA BooksCPA Books
Auditing book, 2018 Ed.Business book, 2018 Ed.Regulation book, 2018 Ed.Financial book, 2018 Ed.
Gleim CMA BooksCMA Books
Part 1: Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, and Control book, 2017 Ed.Part 2: Financial Decision Making book, 2017 Ed.
Gleim CIA BooksCIA Books
Part 1: Internal Audit Basics, 2018 EditionPart 2: Internal Audit Practice, 2018 EditionPart 3: Internal Audit Knowledge Elements, 2018 Edition
Gleim EA Books EA Books
Part 1 book, 2017 Ed.Part 2 book, 2017 Ed.Part 3 book, 2017 Ed.
Gleim EQE Books EQE Books
Financial Accounting Exam Questions and Explanations book, 19th Ed.Auditing & Systems Exam Questions and Explanations book, 20th Ed.Federal Tax Exam Questions & Explanations book, 27th Ed.Business Law & Legal Studies Exam Questions & Explanations book, 11th Ed.Cost/Managerial Accounting Exam Questions and Explanations book, 11th Ed.
Gleim Informational Booklets Gleim Informational Booklets CPA Exam GuideCMA Exam GuideCIA Exam GuideEA Exam GuideHow to Succeed in Accounting

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