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Gleim Accounting Exam Review Courses

In 1974, acclaimed University of Florida professor Dr. Irvin N. Gleim and his wife created the first ever self-study course for the CPA Exam. A teacher and then-aspiring CPA, Dr. Gleim made it his mission to create an affordable, reliable “take-home study guide” for the CPA Exam. He believed that the CPA designation, and success, should be attainable for all students. Today, the Gleim mission is the same as it was then—to help as many accountants earn their certification as possible.

Gleim has been an industry-leading innovator from the start, creating the first CPA, CMA, and CIA self-study courses as well as developing adaptive learning technology to help candidates study. As such, educators and accountants have trusted Gleim to help them pass millions of exams. Our courses are created and designed by professional educators and practicing accountants, and every course prepares candidates using Dr. Gleim’s proven study method.

We provide accounting certification review courses for


Accountants who serve as trusted financial advisors. Earning this prestigious credential provides the flexibility to work for a firm or start on the path to becoming a CFO or CEO.


CMAs blend accounting practices with business acumen, and their designation is globally recognized. These accountants often work closely with upper management and influence a company’s direction.

Dual certification adds even more value to the CMA, and is a huge advantage for students who plan their studies early.


Globally recognized professionals in internal audit and compliance for government agencies, financial institutions, and corporations. A specially-focused auditing skillset distinguishes CIAs from other designations.


A tax professional or preparer who has earned the unlimited practice rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Students who are interested in tax and participate in the VITA program can get a head start on passing the EA exam.

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How our courses work

The best practice questions available

We believe that familiarity and confidence are key to success on exam day, so we provide only the most realistic, exam-quality practice questions. This gives students valuable exposure to the look and feel of the real exam.

Easy incorporation

We break our materials down into Study Units so topics can be easily added to existing curricula as often and as much as needed.

Optimized learning and retention

The proven Gleim method encourages practicing and learning from mistakes, so our practice questions include valuable, detailed answer explanations for correct and incorrect answers.

Time saving tools

Our professor-led tools allow for quick and easy quiz and assignment creation, automatic grading, and importing scores to grade books. Professors can easily create assessment quizzes, homework, and extra credit assignments based on certification-level questions to incorporate into their coursework.


Creating quizzes is as simple as choosing a question type (MCQ or TBS), topics to cover, and the desired number of questions, and then letting the Assessment Quiz Tool automatically create a quiz.


Our Professor-led Learning Management tool allows you to automatically grade quizzes you create and provides individual as well as overall class scores and progress helping you make quick analysis of students’ performance and curricular needs.

Familiar format

Our courses are expertly authored by professional educators so we organize our materials with the goal to aide in learning and retention. This makes it easy for our materials to follow along with course syllabi and incorporate into the classroom setting.

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