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Accounting Career Resource Center

Which accounting path are you on? Gleim can help you get there!

How to Succeed in Accounting Handbook 
This entry-level handbook discusses the basics of success in accounting. Learn everything you’ll need to know to begin your journey.

Careers in Accounting Handbook 
The Gleim Careers in Accounting handbook offers a close look at some of the best career paths for accountants to consider.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program 
As a part of the IRS’s VITA program, you’ll learn the basics of preparing taxes and get hands-on experience filing tax returns. This program has no education requirement, so it is perfect for students and people looking to learn how to prepare tax returns.

Stay informed on the current salary trends for your position! Knowing the industry salary range for current or potential positions gives you power during salary negotiation.

Gleim Campus Representatives 
The Gleim Campus Rep program gives college students the opportunity to develop leadership experience, network with peers, and earn a free review system.

Dual Certifications
Earning additional certifications demonstrates a desire to grow and develop new skills. Whether boosting your starting salary or growing your career, dual certification is one of the best ways to enhance your career in accounting.

Careers in Accounting Blog 
Gleim supports you even after you’ve passed your certification exam! Our Careers in Accounting series offers career advice, insights from industry experts, and discussions of the latest tax and accounting topics.

Free Careers in Accounting Handbook
The Gleim Careers in Accounting handbook offers a close look at some of the best career paths for accountants to consider. We’ll discuss the types of jobs accounting offers and the salary ranges you can expect from different career paths, as well as which certifications are useful for certain positions.

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Annual Filing Season Program Will Boost Your Career

The Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) is a yearly program offered by the IRS to recognize non-credentialed tax return preparers. The program runs from the beginning of June until the end of December and offers tax preparers an opportunity to distinguish themselves by completing 18 hours of continuing education.
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CPA Spotlight: Diana Weng

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