Adrine Tumanyan

IIA Certificate of Honor

Adrine Tumanyan


By getting prepared for the exam with GLEIM materials, I not only passed every exam on the first attempt, but also was a top achiever in 2016.

GLEIM was the first choice for me to study for the CIA exam. It not only has the most comprehensive and wide choice of tools available for getting ready, but also has a wide range of topics that cover all aspects of the exam. GLEIM also provides a wide range of Multiple Choice Questions that are close to real exam questions. The learning methods are also very effective as it provides the freedom to choose what works best for us – reading the study units, listening to audio materials, watching study-videos or having combinations of some or all methods.

GLEIM was especially helpful for me to study for the exam as for every multiple-choice question there is an in detail explanation why a certain answer is wrong or right. This way by studying with the help of these MCQ’s not only I enriched the theoretical knowledge gained from study units but also practiced answering the questions that helped a lot during the exam. GLEIM also helped me to test my understanding by having exam rehearsals prior the real exam. I highly recommend using GLEIM to all those that want to pass the CIA exams.