Akshay Bhat

William S. Smith Certificate of Honor Winner

Akshay Bhat


My success at the CIA exam is largely attributed to following the Gleim’s suggested method of review tackling one unit at a time. Frankly, I quite enjoyed the suggested method of review as it was a mix of understanding the concepts and applying those immediately to the questions for that unit.

Gleim’s review material is well-structured and the Test Prep application simulates the actual IIA exam to a great extent with a range of application based questions that comprehensively test your understanding of the concepts. The study outlines cover just the right amount of fundamentals needed for each unit making it easier to understand, recall and apply them during the exam.

Lastly, Gleim’s review calendar/course planner is a great tool to keep track of your progress and can be adjusted to reflect new target dates. I could utilize that feature well to achieve my ambitious target of passing all three parts in 3 months.

Having an engineering background, I consider the prestigious CIA Honors Award a significant milestone and achievement in my professional career.

I would definitely recommend Gleim to all CIA candidates.