Don Carlson

William S. Smith Certificate of Honor Winner

Don Carlson

Georgetown, Texas

The Gleim CIA Review System was an excellent choice and assisted me in passing all three parts of the exam within 6 months. The design of the review system worked well with my busy schedule and allowed me to study efficiently and effectively. I prefer to study information in small batches in order to be able to absorb and retain concepts; quality over quantity. This system was perfect for my study-style and enabled me to start and stop my studies as necessary. The system I purchased included a book and access to a large bank of sample questions on the Gleim website.

The outline format, the spacing, and the question-and-answer formats in the book contributed to my understanding and learning of the concepts. The materials were easy to follow and organized in a logical manner. The success tips and examples in the book were relevant, easy to understand, and helped reinforce the concepts.

Gleim’s multiple-choice questions were very similar in structure and difficulty to the exam questions. The review sessions were timed and helped me learn to manage my time and not dwell on individual questions. Explanations for why each answer was correct or incorrect was invaluable. In addition, the system identified my areas of weakness and allowed me to maximize my study time.

Gleim helped me feel prepared and confident when taking my exams and definitely contributed to me being a 2016 William S. Smith Certificate of Honor award winner. I would highly recommend the Gleim CIA Review System to all CIA candidates.