Kylie A. Bennett

Student Certificate of Distinguished Performance

Kylie A. Bennett

New London, Wisconsin

During my third year in the Accounting program at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, I found out that I was the recipient of a CMA Exam scholarship through the IMA, which allowed me to register for the exams without any out of pocket cost. I was responsible, however, for purchasing study materials. After hearing numerous positive reviews from fellow classmates, I chose Gleim. A year after receiving the scholarship, I began studying for the exams. The first thing I loved about using Gleim was their scheduling assistant, which allows you to specify the number of hours you plan to study each day/week, as well as build in time you know you will not be studying (i.e. during a family vacation). This was extremely helpful in keeping me on track for my exam date to ensure I got through all of the material and had ample time to review the week before the exam.

Once I started using the study materials, I began to appreciate the flexibility that Gleim offered. I, personally, prefer reading out of hard copy books, as I can make notes and highlight sections that I see as important. The book not only included the reading material, but also included numerous multiple-choice questions for each chapter, two essay questions, and accompanying answer keys. While the textbook worked well for me at home, I really appreciated that I could access the book online while studying on campus, as well as additional multiple-choice and essay questions, which mirrored the exam set up almost perfectly.

Gleim definitely played a major roll in my success on the CMA exam, reflected by the Certificate of Distinguished Performance award I received. Seeing passing percentages on all of the practice questions built my confidence going into the exam, and I felt extremely comfortable in the exam room, as the exam set-up was extremely similar to the practice questions I used in the Gleim review. I highly recommend Gleim for anyone pursuing the CMA certification!