Maarten Slotema

William S. Smith Certificate of Honor Winner

Maarten Slotema


When my employer required me to become CIA certified, I looked into the different study materials available on the market. I chose to use the Gleim CIA Review System because it provides a flexible study approach that allowed me to balance theory with practice questions to my liking.

Because of other (inter)national audit qualifications and working in the field of auditing for a couple of years, I wanted to study for CIA as efficiently as possible. The Gleim CIA Review System allowed me to practice exam questions and analyze results so that I was able to focus on topics where I scored lower.

The practice exams provided by Gleim CIA Review System also helped me understand topics better because feedback is provided for each possible answer with explanations and reasoning why possible answers were correct or not.

Using the Gleim CIA Review System I was able to study effectively and efficiently. I was able to pass the three exams on the first try in about one month. My scores were good enough to be awarded the Certificate of Honor for 2015. I would definitely recommend the Gleim CIA Review System to anybody planning to take the CIA exams.