Matthew Wolf

Certificate of Distinguished Performance Winner

Matthew Wolf

Pennsylvania, USA

Why should I hire you? At a time when jobs are difficult to find and the competition for positions are fierce, potential employees need to be able to separate themselves from other candidates. That is why I chose to become a Certified Management Accountant. It was a long and rigorous process, but I would eventually become a CMA and earn a Certificate of Distinguished Performance for having one of the top scores on the exam.

How was I able to achieve such a high score? When I was researching test-preparation materials and study programs, I was looking for something that was interactive and challenging so that I could be best prepared to pass the Certified Management Accountant exam. That is when I found Gleim.

Gleim went beyond the basic review courses by offering different ways of studying for the exam. By combining review books, outlines, and online questions, I was able to craft an exam strategy that was tailored to my learning style. Gleim’s multiple-choice questions are what separated me from just passing the exam to achieving one of the highest scores on the exam for that testing window. The multiple-choice questions from Gleim cover the topics and key concepts presented in the review books. The questions are not simple, whereby one can just memorize definitions. Gleim’s questions force you to be able to apply the concepts you learned to solve complex, real-world problems. These are the types of questions that are presented on the actual Certified Management Accountant exam. I would not have earned the Certificate of Distinguished Performance if it was not for the Gleim review materials.