Rewa Kamboj

Bronze Medal Winner

Rewa Kamboj

Overland Park, Kansas

The Gleim review course provides a robust mechanism to prepare for the CMA exams in a user-friendly way. The online materials coupled with vivacious lectures not only gives insights into the wide course content but also facilitates easier/deeper understanding of complex topics. The course is relentlessly intuitive, encouraging students to improve their scores with each review question.

I have been the follower of textbook approach throughout my student life. However, the interactive course introduced me to a completely new, innovative method of learning. I studied for the course, both parts, for a period of less than six months and managed to secure third rank, thanks to the Gleim CMA review material. Wish such courses were also available in India when I was pursuing Chartered Accountancy in 2000.

The Gleim review course is easy to follow, is presented in an interesting logical manner, and aids in progressive testing with multiple test modules. It provides ready to use summaries and audio-visual presentation for last minute exam preparations. It also has a mammoth question bank providing students with unlimited opportunities to practice. I will recommend the course to all the aspiring candidates and urge them follow the Suggested Steps as outlined in the program. Thanks, Gleim!!