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Yaser Abbas Salman, ACCA, CIA, CFSA, CIPA,

William S. Smith Certificate of Honor Winner

Yaser Abbas Salman, ACCA, CIA, CFSA, CIPA

Partner – Grant Thornton Abdulaal, Kingdom of Bahrain

I had a very positive experience using the Gleim CIA Review System, culminating in first time passes in all three parts of the exam and being awarded the 2014 “William S. Smith Certificate of Honor”, among more than 70,000 candidates worldwide. All within the span of just six months!

With long working hours and a busy family life, I was looking for an efficient review system which would complement my professional experience in internal audit with the theoretical knowledge necessary to pass the exam within the shortest possible timeframe. I could not have found a better fit for my needs than the Gleim CIA Review System.

The textbooks go into just the right amount of detail to explain any given topic without burdening you with the extraneous specifics non-essential to understanding the core concepts of each topic. The online system was another major plus-point. The fact that it is web-based and does not require installation on a PC means that you could answer practice questions on your smartphone wherever you happen to be. I especially appreciated the summary reports that the system is able to generate to identify topics you still need to work on. This proved invaluable in the final stretch where I focused my time on those topics.

In summary, the Gleim CIA Review System was instrumental to my exam success and I would highly recommend it to all CIA candidates.