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Contact Us : 800.874.5346 | International: +1 352.375.0772

Now Accepting Applications! Fall and Spring 2021-2022 Campus Rep Program

Campus Rep positions open!

We’re looking for students to join our Campus Rep Ambassador program to fill positions for the 2021-2022 fall and spring semesters.

The position is open to enrolled college students who are accounting majors in their junior or senior year or enrolled in the master’s program.

Why should students join the Gleim Campus Rep program?

Here are a few of the program perks:

  • Our program will benefit students’ college and professional career
  • Students will gain opportunities for networking, resume building, and professional development
  • Students earn Gleim swag
  • Upon completion of the program, students receive a Gleim Premium Review system of their choice (CPA, CMA, CIA, or EA Review)

This is a low-stress, flexible position that can adapt to your class schedule. The overall time commitment is just an hour or two per week.

Let your peers know that we’re accepting applications. Ask your professors to share this opportunity with their students.

They can learn more and apply here.

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