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2019 CIA Exam Content Updates

By The IIA’s definition, the CIA is a “globally accepted certification for internal auditors” through which “individuals demonstrate their professionalism in the internal audit field.” Passing this exam validates and confirms your professional work experience and requires your complete dedication and determination as well as your mastery and understanding of current auditing practice. When you are studying for the CIA exam, you need to be confident that your study materials cover all 2019 exam content updates and current topics, including any new, testable standards or pronouncements.

2019 CIA Exam Content Updates

According to The IIA, “To ensure the material within all three parts of the CIA exam stays current and valid, the CIA underwent a global job analysis study to determine the knowledge, skills, and abilities most applicable to today’s internal audit practitioners. The study results indicated the need to revise the exam syllabi to reflect the evolution of the internal audit profession worldwide.” As a result, in 2019 the exam will be updated to cover all of the knowledge and skills that CIA candidates must demonstrate in order to be competent auditors, ensuring that candidates are on par with current global practice.

The exam has undergone balancing for clarity and uniformity, and duplication and overlap between exam sections has been minimized. But what exactly is changing? The IIA has provided a section-by-section overview of updates, summarized in the chart below, which compares the content in the current version of the CIA exam to the 2019 exam content.

CIA Exam Updates – Current vs Revised Version

Exam Part

Current Version

Revised Version (2019)

Part One: Essentials of Internal Auditing

  • Mandatory Guidance (35-45%)

  • Internal Control / Risk (25-35%)

  • Conducting Internal Audit Engagements—Audit Tools and Techniques (25-35%)

  • Foundations of Internal Auditing (15%)

  • Independence and Objectivity (15%)

  • Proficiency and Due Professional Care (18%)

  • Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (7%)

  • Governance, Risk Management, and Control (35%)

  • Fraud Risks (10%)

Part Two: Practice of Internal Auditing

  • Managing the Internal Audit Function (40-50%)

  • Managing the Individual Engagements (40-50%)

  • Fraud Risks and Controls (5-15%)

  • Managing the Internal Audit Activity (20%)

  • Planning the Engagement (20%)

  • Performing the Engagement (40%)

  • Communicating Engagement Results and Monitoring Progress (20%)

Part Three: Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing

  • Governance / Business Ethics (5-15%)

  • Risk Management (10-20%)

  • Organizational Structure / Business Processes and Risks (15-25%)

  • Communication (5-10%)

  • Management / Leadership Principles (10-20%)

  • IT / Business Continuity (15-25%)

  • Financial Management (10-20%)

  • Global Business Environment (0-10%)

  • Business Acumen (35%)

  • Information Security (25%)

  • Information Technology (20%)

  • Financial Management (20%)

Gleim CIA—Improving How You Study with SmartAdapt™

Dr. Gleim’s philosophy is that we should all be continually learning and seeking improvement. As the leader in CIA exam prep, we are always looking at how we can help candidates be more successful. With the exam changes coming in 2019 and the need for candidates to study as efficiently and effectively as possible, we have taken CIA exam review to the next level.

The 2019 Gleim CIA Review, the first and only truly adaptive CIA review course, features our new and innovative SmartAdapt™ technology, a course platform that adapts to you. SmartAdapt analyzes your performance and targets your weak areas, creating a personalized learning path. The result is efficient and effective studying without any guesswork.

CIA Updates Between New Editions

Only the best CIA review providers will stay on top of exam updates and do the research to help you learn exactly what you need to know for the CIA exam. Here at Gleim, we have you covered.

You will not have to be concerned about missing out on any CIA exam updates with Gleim because we issue updates to our products regularly. We ensure that recent changes are always included in our new editions and continuously update our materials based on candidate feedback and new announcements. We will automatically keep your online components updated and release documents describing and illustrating all of our changes to your CIA book. You have only to keep studying with Gleim and you will be firmly on your way to passing the CIA.

Access Until You Pass® Guarantee—You Will Never Miss an Update

Our Access Until You Pass guarantee keeps you up-to-date on all CIA exam elements. There is still time to sit for the exam in 2018, but if you miss the testing window before the 2019 updates, have no worries. Even if you are not able to take the exam when you first plan to or you wait to sit for the exam in 2019, we will make sure you have all the relevant information you need to be prepared for the CIA exam. Thanks to the Access Until You Pass® guarantee, as long as you are studying, you will always have access to our continually updated materials. Our goal is for you to study with peace of mind while we focus on making sure you have everything you need to pass.

An Updated CIA Exam Webinar that Keeps You Informed

Gleim CIA is with you every step of the way so you feel at ease throughout your studies. Make sure to watch our Updated CIA Exam Webinar for information on all of the CIA exam content updates!

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