Answering CIA Exam Questions: MCQs

man on computer answering a CIA exam multiple choice question

Introducing Jessica N. Green, Senior Associate, Internal Audit!

A product of Baltimore County, Jessica Green attended Eastern Technical High School before graduating from Howard University in 2013. Jessica currently is a Senior Associate in the Internal Audit Department at a Fortune 500 Company.

Jessica is pursuing the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification because she would like to learn more about the auditing process and become more versatile. Currently, Jessica only has experience auditing Financial Services companies and would like to learn how to audit in other industries. Jessica also believes that certifications like the CIA help support career progression.

Outside of her profession, Jessica is passionate about community activism, mentoring, and her beloved alma mater. Jessica continues to show her pride in her alma mater Howard University by serving as the Howard University Alumni Club of Chicago’s Membership and Events Chair. Jessica is also a Big for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago

As she is studying for the CIA Exam, Jessica will be sharing her experience with us.

Week 7: Answering CIA Exam Questions

Learning the Format

The format of the CIA exam is multiple-choice. For many people, multiple-choice questions can be extremely challenging and at times can feel overwhelming. Luckily, Gleim provides excellent strategies for successfully answering CIA exam questions.

Taking Your Time

First, it is crucial to stress the importance of reading! One of the key strategies is noticing absolutes and or outliers. For example, any time you see a question with answer choices that have the words “always” or “never,” you should know automatically that those answers are most likely incorrect. You also have to pay close attention to questions containing the words “least likely” or “most likely.” Many test takers misread those types of questions, which causes them to make the wrong selection. In general, while it is natural to want to move through questions quickly, it is important for you to take your time.

Understanding the Question

Multiple-choice questions require that you really focus and try to understand what exactly the question is asking. In most instances, you can narrow down a multiple-choice question to exactly two answer choices. The key to selecting the right answer is to really understand what the question is asking and which of the two remaining answer choices best answers the questions. Before looking at the answer choices, I find it helpful to think about what I believe is the correct answer. Then, I look for the answer that most closely aligns to my answer. This strategy ensures that you aren’t haphazardly selecting an answer choice.

Skipping a Question

If you can’t narrow a multiple-choice question down to two answer choices, you should move on and come back to the question. Sometimes, skipping a question really helps jog your memory when you are being tested on lots of material. When taking Part I of the CIA exam, I skipped a couple of questions and then came back to them. It was really useful because some of the questions were indirectly answered in other multiple-choice questions or helped me to remember key concepts.

In the end, the best advice for multiple-choice questions is not to overthink the questions. I think your gut feeling usually gives you the right answer. The Gleim study materials have a wide range of practice exam questions that will help you become very comfortable with multiple-choice questions.

Practicing with CIA Exam Questions

To familiarize herself with the multiple-choice questions on the CIA exam, Jessica practiced with the test bank found in Gleim CIA Review. This test bank of multiple-choice questions features a refined collection of sample problems that provides candidates with a comprehensive review of questions found on the CIA exam. Our test bank not only equips you to encounter the content of the CIA Exam, but it also introduces you to the testing environment of the CIA exam by emulating this environment more than any other course. Finally, our test bank helps you review more efficiently than ever by including detailed answer explanations for both correct and incorrect answer choices. You can explore the Gleim CIA Review test bank for yourself by accessing our free CIA demo today!