The Benefits of an Exam-Emulating CIA Review

CIA candidate on computer taking a practice exam using an exam-emulating CIA review

Introducing Jessica N. Green, Senior Associate, Internal Audit!

A product of Baltimore County, Jessica Green attended Eastern Technical High School before graduating from Howard University in 2013. Jessica currently is a Senior Associate in the Internal Audit Department at a Fortune 500 Company.

Jessica is pursuing the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification because she would like to learn more about the auditing process and become more versatile. Currently, she only has experience auditing financial services companies. Jessica believes that certifications like the CIA help support career progression and would like to learn how to audit in other industries.

Outside of her profession, Jessica is passionate about community activism, mentoring, and her beloved alma mater. Jessica continues to show her pride in Howard University by serving as the Howard University Alumni Club of Chicago’s Membership and Events Chair. She is also a Big for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago.

Jessica will be sharing her experience with us as she studies for the CIA Exam.

Week 10: The Benefits of an Exam-Emulating CIA Review

When it comes to studying for Part II of the CIA exam, the saying “Practice makes perfect” is so true! After following a 6-week study plan, going over all of the study units in the Gleim study material at times can seem overwhelming. I find myself wondering and reflecting on whether I truly retained all of the material.

Take a Full-Length Practice Exam

One way to overcome the anxiety of feeling unprepared for the exam is the Gleim Exam Rehearsals. The rehearsals are practice exams that look and feel like the real exam. I personally recommend at a minimum taking them a week before your exam. The Exam Rehearsals also offer a variety of options that allow you to customize the exams to fit your study needs. With these exams, you are able to see first-hand which areas of the study material are your weak areas.

It is also helpful that after taking an Exam Rehearsal, you can review each question one by one. I also appreciate that the Exam Rehearsal is set up under realistic testing circumstances. This allows you to get comfortable with the testing format.

I honestly feel like the practice questions are never repetitive and cover all areas of the study material. Sometimes study materials have the same “practice questions” and you question whether you understand the answer or are answering solely based on memorization. Gleim Exam Rehearsals allow you to select the option to use questions never seen before, a BIG plus!

Schedule Your Exam Rehearsal

Again, I can’t stress enough that practice makes perfect! For Part I, I ran short on time so I didn’t have a full week to complete the Exam Rehearsals. For Part II, my goal is to allot 3 weeks to practice questions and exams, which means I am doubling up and reviewing two units a week. My thought is that some of the units build on Part I and do not require a full week to review, and, as an Internal Auditor, I am already familiar with a lot of the topics.

All in all, Exam Rehearsals are another reason why I love and truly believe Gleim is the best study material around for the CIA exam!

Choosing a CIA Review Course

Our guest blogger, Jessica, credits much of her success on the CIA exam to the Gleim practice questions. Gleim has the most refined collection of sample problems available on the market. When using the Gleim Premium CIA Review System, you will experience the most realistic exam day emulation with each practice exam. We accurately reflect the exam so much that you will feel right at home and completely confident when you sit for your CIA exam. You can explore the Gleim CIA Review test bank for yourself by accessing our free CIA demo today!