Investing in CIA Exam Review: The Benefits of Comprehensiveness and Convenience

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Introducing Jessica N. Green, Senior Associate, Internal Audit!

A product of Baltimore County, Jessica Green attended Eastern Technical High School before graduating from Howard University in 2013. Jessica currently is a Senior Associate in the Internal Audit Department at a Fortune 500 Company.

Jessica is pursuing the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification because she would like to learn more about the auditing process and become more versatile. Currently, Jessica only has experience auditing Financial Services companies and would like to learn how to audit in other industries. Jessica also believes that certifications like the CIA help support career progression.

Outside of her profession, Jessica is passionate about community activism, mentoring, and her beloved alma mater. Jessica continues to show her pride in her alma mater Howard University by serving as the Howard University Alumni Club of Chicago’s Membership and Events Chair. Jessica is also a Big for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago.

As she is studying for the CIA Exam, Jessica will be sharing her experience with us.

Week 8: Investing in CIA Exam Review

Prioritize Comprehensiveness

On your CIA journey, it’s so important that your study materials are both comprehensive and convenient. Gleim is known for having the most comprehensive CIA study materials around. With Gleim, not only do you receive instructor videos, audio lectures, and a textbook, but each form of content is unique. Each form of content is an added value to your studies. For instance, the textbook does an excellent job of discussing the material at a high level and providing the right amount of detail. The instructor videos and audio presentations take it a step further by providing real-world examples. The positive about Gleim is that it is all about preference.

I prefer watching the instructor videos, even though they are rather lengthy compared to the textbook and audio lectures. With the videos, I’m able to actively listen and really focus on the topics being discussed by the instructor. An additional bonus to the videos is that after each section is discussed, the instructor walks through multiple-choice questions. I really value the ability to review multiple-choice questions after completing a section because it helps me to see what information I have retained. I must admit that after a long day at work the last thing I want to do is read a textbook.

Enjoy Convenience

Although I really enjoy the CIA instructor videos, the audio lectures are also pretty cool. If you need to get through a unit and you have a heavy commute to or from work, it isn’t a bad idea to listen to the audio lectures on the way home. The best part about Gleim is the flexibility. One day I may feel like watching the videos, and the next day I may want to listen to the audio. I love not feeling as if I’m stuck with only being able to use one method. Gleim gives you the ability to decide.

I also love that, regardless of the study material you use, you always know the information provided will be comprehensive but without too many unneeded details. I just can’t stress enough to pay the extra money and get the Gleim system. You may think at first all you need is just the textbooks and that audio lectures and instructor videos aren’t needed, but honestly, they make a world of difference, especially if you are working full-time!

Choosing CIA Exam Review

As Jessica discovered, Gleim CIA Review offers the most comprehensive coverage of CIA exam topics. Our easy-to-use 3-step approach quickly enables candidates to diagnose weak areas, learn from expertly-authored materials, and apply knowledge with plenty of exam-emulating practice questions. The variety of materials included in the Gleim CIA Review courses lets you learn when, where, and how you prefer for the utmost convenience. Prepare yourself for the most efficient and effective CIA exam preparation by exploring the most widely used CIA prep course with our free CIA demo today!