CIA Exam: What to Do Before and On Exam Day

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Introducing Jessica N. Green, Senior Associate, Internal Audit!

A product of Baltimore County, Jessica Green attended Eastern Technical High School before graduating from Howard University in 2013. Jessica currently is a Senior Associate in the Internal Audit Department at a Fortune 500 Company.

Jessica is pursuing the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification because she would like to learn more about the auditing process and become more versatile. Currently, she only has experience auditing financial services companies. Jessica believes that certifications like the CIA help support career progression and would like to learn how to audit in other industries.

Outside of her profession, Jessica is passionate about community activism, mentoring, and her beloved alma mater. Jessica continues to show her pride in Howard University by serving as the Howard University Alumni Club of Chicago’s Membership and Events Chair. She is also a Big for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago.

Jessica will be sharing her experience with us as she studies for the CIA Exam.

CIA Exam: What to Do Before and On Exam Day

The night before an exam is so rough. I know for me it is hard to sleep. I literally spend the entire night thinking, “will I pass? Do I know all I need to know?” I think the best thing to do before the night of an exam is to relax!! All too often we stress about exams. I think if you have stayed focus and utilized the Gleim system you will do fine.

How to Plan the Day Before Your CIA Exam

My advice is for the night before includes getting a good night sleep. I think it is okay if you spend up to 8 hours the day before studying for the exam but, after 8 hours call it quits. When I took Part 1, I studied from 7am-5pm. After 5pm, I made myself watch a movie, eat dinner, and relax. Studying late all night will just make you exhausted for the exam.

If you work full-time, I recommend taking off the day before the exam like I did. It’s nice to have a full day just to worry solely about the exam. Some companies may allow you to take the exam during a workday. I personally like taking the exam on a Saturday. I used my day off before to study one more time. I find it easier to take it on a Saturday than during the work week.

What to Do the Day of Your CIA Exam

The day of the exam you should remain calm, focused, and confident. I say, go in knowing that you know the material provided and that you are ready to conquer the exam. Everyone has a preference, but I honestly prefer taking the exam in the morning. I like to get up, take the exam, and enjoy the rest of my day. I think you are a lot more focused and relaxed for morning exams.

Make sure to have all the required documentation. Another benefit of the Gleim system is that, the day before your exam, your personal counselor sends you a checklist reminding you of all the things to do. It is an awesome checklist and helped me to remember everything I needed to do for the exam.

All in all, once you successfully complete the Gleim Exam Rehearsal, you are ready to go! All you should do is relax and get ready to celebrate passing the exam.

Getting Exam Day Ready with Your CIA Exam Prep

Jessica used her Personal Counselor’s advice to make sure she had everything ready for her exam day success. Find out why she and other candidates like her rely on the unparalleled support from Gleim CIA Review to gain the motivation, support, and confidence they needed for their exam day success. Try the free CIA Review demo now and see why more candidates choose Gleim than any other review course.