Reviewing For The CIA Exam: Part II Study Tips

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Introducing Jessica N. Green, Senior Associate, Internal Audit!

A product of Baltimore County, Jessica Green attended Eastern Technical High School before graduating from Howard University in 2013. Jessica currently is a Senior Associate in the Internal Audit Department at a Fortune 500 Company.

Jessica is pursuing the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification because she would like to learn more about the auditing process and become more versatile. Currently, she only has experience auditing financial services companies. Jessica believes that certifications like the CIA help support career progression and would like to learn how to audit in other industries.

Outside of her profession, Jessica is passionate about community activism, mentoring, and her beloved alma mater. Jessica continues to show her pride in Howard University by serving as the Howard University Alumni Club of Chicago’s Membership and Events Chair. She is also a Big for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago.

Jessica will be sharing her experience with us as she studies for the CIA Exam.

Week 9: Study Tips for Part II of the CIA Exam

Keep Your Focus

I must admit studying for Part II of the CIA exam is the same as studying for Part I. The only thing I will stress is staying focused and creating a plan that you can stick to! Studying during the summer is really rough! I constantly find myself canceling my study plans to go out and enjoy the weather.

Make a Study Plan

A 6-week plan is ideal. The good thing about the Gleim system is that if you do fall behind in your studies you can always update your planner. I have had many instances where I have had to start fresh while studying for Part II. One thing I have learned about studying is that you never want too long of a study period, because you might procrastinate. On the other hand, you also don’t want to create an ambitious plan where you won’t retain all of the information. In my opinion, 6 weeks is a happy medium.

Practice CIA Exam Questions

I also recommend taking practice questions as often as possible. The practice questions are the key to your success. A good suggestion I received from one of my colleagues is to try to practice 125 questions a day. It seems like a lot of questions, but it helps to ensure you are comfortable with answering multiple-choice questions and that you have retained the information you learn in each section. If you can’t do 125 questions a day, try at least to do that amount in a week.

Studying with others who are taking the exam also is really helpful.. You can discuss memorization strategies, examples, etc. In many instances, an area you struggle with is an area that another person has mastered and vice versa.

Keep on Moving Forward

I think that if you successfully passed Part I of the CIA exam, you should continue to study like you did for Part I when moving on to Part II. However, it is important for you not to get overly comfortable. Each part of the CIA exam is different, so it isn’t a good idea to cut back on studying just because you passed Part I. In the end, stay focused, prioritize your efforts, and relax.

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