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CIA Challenge Exam Review

with SmartAdapt™
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Product Highlights

  • Created for the CIA Challenge Exam for Qualified Accounting Bodies*
  • Support From Personal Counselors
  • Unmatched Exam-Day Emulation
  • 18 Months of Access


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Course Features
Gleim Guarantee

SmartAdapt™ Technology
Our online learning platform identifies where you need to focus to maximize your score and be 100% prepared for your exam. SmartAdapt is like your on-demand exam tutor—it tells you what you need to study, adjusts as your quiz scores improve, and lets you know when you’re ready to pass.

Comprehensive Test Bank
Practice from thousands of questions that emulate the exam environment and provide our signature detailed answer explanations for both incorrect and correct answer choices.

Exam Rehearsal & Final Review Mode
Prepare for exam day with a full-length mock exam that will test your knowledge and exam readiness with new, unseen questions. It’s weighted just like the real exam and provide predictive scoring, so you can be confident in your exam day performance. In the weeks before your actual exam, use Final Review Mode to improve any remaining weak areas and maximize your CIA Challenge Exam score.

Digital Book
Our book is broken up into small, comprehensible lessons for maximum retention and contain comprehensive outlines and examples.

Unmatched Exam-Day Emulation
Our exam-day emulating software accurately reflects the look and feel of the CIA Challenge Exam so you can take the CIA Challenge Exam without actually taking it.

Supplemental Videos
Learn from our highly acclaimed videos featuring professional educators. They present in-depth instruction and guide candidates through the most important topics from The IIA’s Challenge Exam Syllabus.

18 Months of Access
Your online material will automatically reflect our latest updates for the duration of your 18-month access period.

Support from Personal Counselors
You will not be alone when preparing for the CIA Challenge Exam! Your very own CIA Challenge Exam mentor provides individualized support with consistent encouragement, empathy, and direction. Gleim Personal Counselors are here when you need them!

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Gleim CIA Challenge Exam Review System Guarantee
We guarantee that all components of the Gleim Challenge Exam Review System will remain current for at least 18 months from your date of purchase. Your electronic material will update automatically in the event of content changes or a new edition.

Return Policy
Gleim Publications, Inc., guarantees the immediate refund of all resalable books and unopened, un-downloaded audios returned within 30 days of purchase. Online materials may be canceled within 30 days of purchase if no more than one study unit has been accessed. Online CPE courses may be canceled within 30 days of adding the course to your Personal Transcript if the Outline has not yet been accessed. This policy applies only to products purchased directly from Gleim Publications, Inc.

No refunds will be provided for opened or downloaded audios, partial returns of package sets, or shipping and handling charges. Any freight charges incurred for returned or refused packages will be the purchaser’s responsibility. For more information regarding the Gleim Return Policy, please contact our offices at (800) 874-5346.

*If you’re already a CISA holder and are looking for study materials for the CIA Challenge Exam for Qualified Information Systems Auditors, contact us at

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