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CPA Exam Blueprints
Like an architect creating a skyscraper, the AICPA builds the CPA Exam using blueprints. These Blueprints are a series of accounting tasks, organized by topics, that a newly licensed CPA should know how to complete. The AICPA uses these tasks as a basis for all CPA Exam questions. In this article, we’ll help you become...
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cpa, cma, cia
Candidate Spotlight: Nancy Zhu Choosing an accounting certification to pursue can be daunting. It’s an investment that could determine what kind of accounting you do for the rest of your life. Nancy Zhu approached this crossroad about three years ago with a strategy in mind that was different from most. She stepped up to the...
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cpa exam changes 2018
In case you missed it, the CPA Exam changed on April 1, 2018. The AICPA launched a new version of the exam that includes major modifications to the design and functionality. The exam will also experience content changes in 2018. If you feel out of the loop and have questions about the exam changes, don’t...
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2018 cpa exam pass rates
Right before the new 2018 CPA Exam version launches, the AICPA has released the final set of pass rates from the old CPA Exam version. The latest passing data can help us understand how the new exam version will affect candidate performance, so we’ve analyzed the 2018 CPA Exam pass rates and compared them to...
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cpa for international candidates
Though the CPA is an American-based certification, the benefits of the CPA for international students are significant enough that thousands of international candidates sit for the CPA Exam each year at testing centers around the globe. Our CPA experts have researched the numerous advantages of the CPA and have laid out below the top reasons...
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how to schedule the cpa exam
Whether you’re a procrastinator or a planner, all CPA candidates must schedule testing dates for all four CPA Exam sections. To complete this important step, you need to know how to schedule the CPA Exam. By scheduling the CPA Exam you get to pick your own test dates; however, you may not know where to...
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pcaob auditing standard
As authoritative accounting and auditing pronouncements are amended, the CPA Exam adapts to those amendments. These changes can influence your CPA Exam schedule. Gleim CPA is here to update you with the latest pronouncement news. The AICPA recently addressed a new PCAOB auditing standard, so keep reading to learn more about the standard, its testing...
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cpa exam score release
As a CPA candidate, your exam score is something you’ll think about a lot: definitely before and after you sit for an exam section, and maybe even during that time (stop doing that: you need to focus on the exam!) Before you sit, you’ll be thinking about doing everything you can to earn a CPA...
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cpa exam 2018 tax laws
You’ve probably heard a lot about the new tax law changes and are likely wondering how they will affect the CPA Exam. We are happy to share that the AICPA has just announced this information: The new tax law will be eligible for testing on January 1, 2019. So What Tax Laws Will Be Tested on the...
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