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How to Find an Accounting Summer Internship as a Student

Find an Accounting Internship

An accounting summer internship can be very advantageous to an accounting career, as the benefits of a summer accounting internship prove. The opportunities that accounting summer internships offer students in particular make these internships more than worth the effort of acquiring, and students and alumni can even reduce that effort by accepting the help for finding an internship specifically available to them. The following is a list of resources provided by educational institutions that can aid students and alumni in their search for an accounting summer internship.

Resources for Securing an Accounting Summer Internship

Students and alumni can learn about their accounting summer internship options from a variety of sources, including the following:

  • Accounting and Career Fairs
    Not only do accounting and career fairs give accounting students a decent sampling of companies and firms with internship programs, but they also allow you to meet key employees, such as recruiters, partners, and upper management. These face-to-face interactions career fairs afford can enable you to learn about internships, get your questions answered, and most importantly, make a great impression.
  • Your Accounting Department
    The accounting department of your college or university should be a big help to your summer accounting internship search. These departments often have placement programs and online career connection systems allocated to internships, and they advertise for relevant job fairs on campus. You could also meet with your adviser to determine which internships are worth considering and for which ones you may already qualify.
  • Accounting Fraternities
    If you are not yet a member of Beta Alpha Psi, the national accounting fraternity, recognize an accounting internship as yet another reason to join. Your area chapter can help you locate an internship, or you can increase your chances of finding an internship – and maybe even a job – by increasing your connections with other chapter members.
  • Accounting Clubs
    Your college or university may have an accounting club instead of an accounting fraternity. An accounting club membership can also lead to an accounting summer internship, as these clubs facilitate and strengthen ties between accounting executives and accounting students. Accounting clubs promote unique events like corporate presentations from which students can learn more about firms they may want to investigate and make connections that may contribute to their future success.
  • State Societies
    While state societies are not directly connected to educational institutions, they supply support by extending their membership benefits to students before they become CPAs. State societies are like local AICPA chapters that connect area CPAs. Internship directories, area events, and networking opportunities are usually among the offerings of student state society membership. Accounting majors should utilize the chance to join and find an accounting summer internship before or shortly after they graduate.

Motivation for Securing an Accounting Summer Internship

Just as an accounting summer internship can give students a head start on their accounting career, so can these educational resources give students a head start on finding their accounting summer internship. You should begin the process of finding an accounting summer internship up to a year in advance, so don’t delay in case you lose access to the assistance of your college or university. Your college or university can also help you get a great deal on Gleim CPA Review Systems with our CPA Exam student discounts, so learn more by calling 800.874.5326 today!

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