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CPA Exam EWS Winner Gets Closer to His Dream with Gleim

CPA Exam EWS Winner

Candidate Spotlight: Neerav Karia

When you win a historic award like the 2015 Elijah Watt Sells Award, the thrill of passing the CPA Exam escalates exponentially. Discovering that you have snagged such a prestigious honor with your tireless effort not only increases the significance of your exam success, but also your pride and gratitude as well. Gleim CPA has heard what receiving an accounting certification exam award feels like from many of our candidates, including recent 2015 CPA Exam EWS winner Neerav Karia.

Becoming CPA Exam EWS Winner

Neerav was practically radiating excitement as he explained the emotions of earning this legendary accolade. “It feels wonderful! It’s been a dream for a long time to have a career in the USA, and this brings me one step closer to that dream! Having said that, I never expected to get the EWS from the beginning. I researched it only after I got my scores for the first three sections and some friends told me that CPA Exam EWS WinnerI could qualify for the EWS depending on my score for the last section.” This dream of working in the United States was Neerav’s motivation to take the CPA Exam. “After completing my Chartered Accountancy in India, becoming a CPA was the most feasible way for me to fulfill that wish.”


Finding an Exam Emulating CPA Review Provider

Researching CPA review providers online led Neerav to choose Gleim CPA. When he learned that Gleim had the largest test bank, he was up for the challenge. “I prefer to make sure that I understand the concepts really well and am prepared for the worst case scenario. Gleim provides the most thorough literature, so I was convinced that it would work for me.” Our test bank turned out to be Neerav’s favorite feature of the Gleim CPA Review System. “I loved the test bank! The options that it provides with choosing different questions and customizing your tests are awesome! Apart from that, the test bank gives an explanation for each and every answer choice, which helps in understanding the reasons behind the correct and incorrect answer choices. This feature helped me the most in understanding why the given choice is correct.”

Tackling CPA Exam Trials

For Neerav, the process of passing the CPA Exam and meeting the requirements of the EWS Award was not without its struggles. One of his greatest challenges was learning the material for REG specifically. “Being an accounting professional, I could connect with the FAR, AUD, and BEC material pretty well, but I was scared of REG. The Indian tax structure and the American tax structure are very different, and as I did not have any practical experience in American taxation, it was difficult to grasp. But I could cope well by contacting and getting guidance from practicing CPAs in my network.”

Like many CPA candidates, Neerav had to juggle studying with his super busy work schedule. “Studying for the CPA Exam while working full time with a Big 4 firm is never easy. The schedules are really hectic and demanding, so I had very little time to study at home. But once you understand the priorities in your life, it gets easier to stay motivated in the hard times too.”

With his steady determination and focus, Neerav overcame these obstacles to not only pass the CPA Exam, but to do so with such excellent CPA Exam scores that he secured the EWS Award. Neerav credits the test bank, the simulations, and the red books of the Gleim CPA Review System with helping him achieve those high scores. “I love the red books! They are so thorough with the concepts and literature that I generally did not need to refer to other material. I read every section of the red books three to four times instead of doing more and more MCQs. Reading the sections over and over again helped me understand the concepts thoroughly and prepare myself for the worst case scenario on the test.”

Creating a Best Case Scenario with Gleim CPA Review

Neerva found that the Gleim CPA Review System genuinely emulated the difficulty of the CPA Exam. “The level of questions was really good considering the actual questions I faced during the exams. The Gleim products made me ready for the worst possible scenarios and over prepared me. I definitely felt confident while sitting for my exams.” Neerav was not only ready for the worst case scenario, but actually experienced one of the best case scenarios when he passed the CPA Exam using Gleim CPA Review. To create your own best case scenario with the CPA Exam, learn more about the Gleim CPA Review System today!