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A Personalized CPA Review Course with Personalized Support

Gleim's personal counselors offer personalized support

As you may know, the latest edition of Gleim CPA Review features SmartAdaptTM technology, our adaptive platform that assesses your study needs and generates a custom learning path to CPA Exam success. Our new course also retains our signature benefit of access to Personal Counselors, exam experts who offer advice, guidance, and encouragement for the duration of your exam studies. As Gleim CPA Review combines the old and the new, you may be wondering how these two features work together to enhance your study experience. Well, Personal Counselor Amy Simmons is here to tell you.

Personalized Study Support: SmartAdapt Technology and Personal Counselors

  1. Our CPA course is now adaptive. How has the update to the course changed your role as a PC? How has the new course changed the way you help candidates?

Once candidates completed the transition from the old course to the new course, my role as a Personal Counselor shifted slightly from helping candidates answer the question “What now?” to more often answering the question of “How can I improve?” With the new course, the SmartAdapt technology does a really great job of answering the “What now?” question as it highlights weak areas and also directs candidates to review the book, watch the lectures, or take new quizzes as needed. As a result, more candidates have been calling in to discuss how they can improve their studies and make sure they are hitting the correct goals.

  1. How have you seen the new course transform a candidate’s study progress?

A couple of my candidates have really struggled to identify their weak areas and focus. The way the course highlights their weak areas directly and adapts to their needs has improved their progress like nothing I’ve seen! These candidates are noticing the difference themselves and often say they like that the system almost forces them to focus on these areas until they get the understanding that they need!

  1. What do you think candidates should know about the new Gleim CPA Review? What should they expect from it?

While it may seem a little counter intuitive, the Diagnostic Quiz is the first step you need to take to enable SmartAdapt to help you study smarter, not harder. While it might be a little daunting to take a quiz – especially if you are sure that you know little about the subject – the SmartAdapt technology is designed to interpret these scores and discover where to direct candidates. Even a low score is helpful for getting you through the material faster!

From there, it is important to trust the system, as we have over 40 years of experience and have compiled this system to help give candidates a personal touch with their course. The SmartAdapt technology will keep you on track every step of the way to passing this exam by your exam goal date!

  1. For candidates who have used other courses, which part of our course proves to be the most helpful?

Most candidates who have tried other courses really seem to like Gleim for our exam emulation and for our questions, answers, and explanations. They find our material and our simple-to-follow layout easier to use, and they report that it helps them keep their focus and precious study time targeted toward one thing: learning the material so they can pass the exam.

  1. What is your favorite accounting joke?

“Welcome to the Accounting Department, where everyone counts!”

Personalized CPA Review Course: Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review is the only review course to offer so much exam support, so Gleim CPA Review will prepare you better than any other course. Our 40+ years of experience equips us to create the most efficient and effective course and to assemble the most knowledgeable and considerate team. Learn more about our Personal Counselors by exploring the beneficial features of Gleim CPA Review, and discover our adaptive technology by accessing our free CPA course demo.