Simulation Software Update v1.5

Question: I know the Simulations on the CPA exam will be updated soon. Are they testing new or different topics? What exactly is changing?

Answer: The content of the Simulations will not change with the update to version 1.5. This update is designed to improve the functionality of the Simulations and make them easier to use. The new version will resolve many of the cut-and-paste issues reported by candidates and will improve the scoring process by eliminating the need for hand scoring.

In addition, the AICPA has postponed the update to version 1.5 until the second testing window of 2006 or later. Shortly before the implementation of the update the AICPA will release new sample tests and tutorials for the new software. Gleim will update the Simulation software for the CPA Review Online course and Simulation Wizard to correspond with the changes to the actual exam software.