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Simulation Tabs

There are two types of simulation tabs: informational tabs and work tabs. Visit all tabs in each simulation to ensure your best performance.

The first two tabs are the informational tabs called Directions and Resources. According to the AICPA, some simulations will also contain a Situation tab (also an informational tab). These tabs are available only when the information needed to answer a questions does not fit on the applicable work tab. The Resources tab is informational in that it contains resources and tools for use with the spreadsheet tool. Other tools and resources could be tax rates, present value tables, formulas, spreadsheet operators, and spreadsheet functions. After reading the Directions tab, you should review the Resources tab.

A variety of work tabs require test-takers to respond to given information and are distinguished by a pencil icon that changes color when you enter a response. Note that the color change indicates only that a response has been made, NOT that the response is complete.

The last work tab is the Research/Authoritative Literature tab.

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