How to Study for the CPA Exam When You Have Kids

Studying as a parent for the CPA exam

Being a parent doesn’t mean you can’t become a CPA. You know that the advantages of becoming a CPA include increased salary and job security, which benefit both you and your children. Becoming a CPA also involves making sacrifices, as you’ll have less time to spend with your kids when you’re preparing for the CPA Exam. To balance study time with family time, follow these suggestions.

Tips for Studying for the CPA Exam with Kids

  1. Communicate your study plans with your kids.

Be upfront with your children about what you are dedicating your time to and why making this sacrifice is so worthwhile. If you’re open and honest about the process of preparing to pass the exam with your children, you’ll give them the opportunity to be understanding, gracious, and supportive of your endeavor. They’ll also be able see the good example of hard work, determination, and prudence that you are setting and be grateful for, rather than resentful of, your choices.

  1. Study at work.

Give yourself the ability to direct all your attention to your children when you are at home by studying for the CPA Exam during your lunch or breaks at work. If you can get an hour or so of studying in while you are away from home, you’ll feel less pressure to study at home and can continue to commit time to your kids while pursuing the CPA. Taking some quizzes during one or two 15-minute breaks and reading during your lunch are easy ways to stay on track with your study plan while allowing time for family fun.

  1. Leave home to study.

If you study in the evenings or on the weekend, you may be able to boost your productivity by getting out of the house. Going to a quiet coffee shop or library may help you maintain your concentration better than studying in a space adjacent to the play room, family room, living room, or kitchen. Even hiring a babysitter for an hour or two if necessary is worth it when your exam is just weeks or days away. This step will allow you to maximize your study time and make your family time all about the kids.

  1. Study when the kids are sleeping.

You’ll get plenty of peace and quiet and feel less guilty if you’re able to schedule your studies after the children’s bedtime. Playing with the kids and tucking them in also gives your brain a chance to relax a bit after a long day at work. If you study for an hour or so before you turn in as well, you’ll be able to accomplish your professional and relational goals simultaneously. Alternatively, you could wake up an hour or two earlier in the morning to study while the rest of the family is still in bed. Get some coffee or breakfast to ensure that you’re wide awake and finish a bit of review before anyone else is even up.

  1. Set up family study time.

If your children are old enough to have homework of their own, try designating some study time for the entire family so that everyone can be productive. Studying in the same part of the house can be fun and encouraging as long as everyone stays focused. If being in separate rooms would be more beneficial, simply decide to study for a certain amount of time and then regroup later to spend the rest of the day together.

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