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Bad Study Habit #2

This week, we present the second installment in our series on poor study habits. Remember, once a habit forms, it is difficult to break. Pay attention to the habits in this series so you know what to avoid picking up from start to finish.

Environmental Concerns

Explanation: An uncomfortable study environment can prevent you from focusing while minimizing your comprehension and retention. Distractions such as a creaky chair, a broken desk, or a cold room distract you even in the most serene study spots. In short, you will likely spend more time adjusting to the environment rather than studying in the environment.

Fix: Try different sites until you find the best place for you. Remove any distractions before initiating your study session. For example, if the best place for you to study is the coldest room in the house or a cold library, dress in layers or bring a sweater so you can adjust. This is also good preparation for the actual exam since you can not control the testing center’s temperature. Also, be sure you have an alternate location in case your primary study spot is or becomes unavailable.