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CPE Study Plan

This Study Tip of the Week discusses how to complete CPE for Enrolled Agents.

When using Gleim CPE for your Enrolled Agent Continuing Education hours, you should follow the following procedure to get the most benefit.

  • Step One: Answer 20 introductory diagnostic multiple-choice questions. This is to introduce you to the subject matter of your course.
  • Step Two: Study the knowledge transfer outline for the course. The outlines are broken down into modules to make studying them easier.
  • Step Three: Answer 20 study and review questions. This is to help you review what you have studied and prepare you for the final quiz. You are able to access the knowledge transfer outline while taking this quiz.
  • Step Four: Take the 20-question final quiz, which consists of 20 multiple-choice questions based on the material you covered in the diagnostic quiz, the knowledge transfer outline, and the study questions. You will be able to access the knowledge transfer outline during your final quiz.
  • Step Five: Pass the final quiz! A passing score for any of the courses except for Ethics is a 70%. You will also be able to retake your final quiz as many times as you need until you pass.

NOTE: The EA Ethics course is titled “Procedures (2010)” and is found in the “Taxation” portion of the Course Catalog, and requires an 80% to pass the final quiz

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