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Guessing what topics

This Study Tip concerns forecasting the topics to be tested on the EA exam.

All EA prep courses and publishers attempt to track and understand the topics tested on the exam. The purpose is to make their study materials and presentations as relevant and as helpful as possible to EA candidates.

Some review providers, however, suggest concentrating on certain areas or topics based on their projections of subject matter coverage on future exams. Unfortunately, these predictions may be inaccurate. Other EA providers advise candidates NOT to study or to skip certain topics.

The Gleim system does not forecast which specific topics will be covered. Instead, it prepares you to answer all questions that may appear on the exam. After you take the exam, we request feedback on our products to ensure that each topic has been sufficiently covered in the Gleim study materials.

Follow the Gleim System for Success and your performance will not depend on the choice of topics by the examiners. You will do well no matter what subject matter is tested!

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