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Justin Stephens’ Testimonial: Inspiration for Passing the EA Exam

At Gleim, we read every testimonial and piece of feedback our customers give. We usually use this information to refine our policies and procedures – to find out what works so that you have the best resources available when you sit down to study for your exam. But sometimes, a testimonial also gets passed around the office to brighten everyone’s day and remind us why we do the things we do. When Justin Stephens told us in a testimonial that he passed all three parts of the EA Exam on his first attempt with less than six months to study, we were very encouraged and curious to learn more, so Justin graciously agreed to answer our questions.

What motivated you to take the EA Exam?

“My father had been an EA since 1986 and owned a tax practice for over 33 years. He got very sick in 2015 and it was obvious that he wasn’t going to be able to continue his business. Rather than have him sell the business that he spent most of his life building from the ground up, I decided that I would take it over. So I began taking the Gleim course so I could take his business over in 2016. Well, he ended up passing away in May of 2015 – less than a month after I began studying to become an EA. Upon his passing, I knew that I had to pass the exams quickly so I could become an EA by the time January came around.”

What was your process for choosing Gleim?

“I chose Gleim because that’s what was recommended by the NAEA. I liked the processes that it talked about on the website, and the materials seemed easy enough to work with.”

What challenge(s) did you face in your EA Exam studies and how did you overcome it/them?

“Time. Gleim does a wonderful job giving you the tools to succeed, but you need to be 100% committed to their process and take the time to go through all the material. I’ll admit that I began by skipping over some things in order to save time, but I ended up doing terribly on the practice exams when I did that. So I went back and spent the time going over the full process that Gleim recommended, and that’s what caused me to succeed and pass all three exams on my first try.”

What were your favorite features of the Gleim EA Review System?

“The practice tests were absolutely invaluable! I loved the ability to create a study session or to take a practice test, and I used both of those features all the time. I also really liked having the book along with the online materials. It made it so I didn’t have to be plugged in in order to continue with my studies. There was one time I even took the book to the beach and laid on the sand studying for a few hours!”

In your opinion, how can future or current EA Exam candidates benefit from using Gleim?

“Gleim gives you the tools to succeed, but it all comes down to the person being committed to the process. I believe that anyone who commits themselves to succeeding with Gleim will be able to become an EA. That being said, I’m so thankful for your program and how it gave me all the tools I needed to succeed in passing the EA exam!”

Normally, we would say how very welcome he is, yet, as we take in the courage and compassion of this new Enrolled Agent, we can’t help but feel extremely grateful ourselves.

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