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Physical Preparation

Physical Preparation
Leading Up to the Day Before the Exam

Knowing how to study stretches beyond the best ways of understanding concepts in a book or answering questions on a computer. As a candidate, you should create a study regimen that accommodates your body’s needs. This strategy allows you to increase your rate of learning by maximizing your mind’s ability to retain the information required to pass the exam.

To accomplish this task, you could deploy tactics that include:

  • Breaking up your study sessions with sports, hobbies and other recreational activities.

    • Making sure you continue to partake in the activities you usually enjoy will make it easier to study and not put it off, especially if you plan to participate in one of these activities after you have completed your study session.

  • Substituting heavy meals with healthy snacks before and/or during a study session.

    • You will need to plan your meal for exam day to maximize comfort. Take your study sessions as the opportunity to decide what will work best for you that day.

  • Combining physical and mental exercises.

    • For instance, you can listen to audio lectures while jogging, walking or biking.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. There exist dozens – if not hundreds – of fun and creative methods to integrate your personal and professional goals.

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