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Study Plan

This week’s tip provides a guideline for how much time you should spend studying for each part.

Different people will be able to study for different amounts of time per week. Your completion rate will depend on your personal circumstances (e.g., how familiar you are with the material, your level of education, elapsed time since your degree was earned, how much time you have available to study, how long you can concentrate in one sitting, etc.).

Each Gleim study unit takes about 4 to 5 hours to complete, so candidates who can review 12-15 hours per week can complete three study units per week.

Each week, you should evaluate your progress and review your preparation plans for the time remaining prior to the exam. Use a calendar to note the exam dates and the weeks to go before the exam. Marking a calendar will facilitate your planning. Review your commitments, e.g., out-of-town assignments, personal responsibilities, etc., and note them on your calendar to assist you in keeping to your schedule.

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