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What is a PTIN?

Question: I am trying to register for the EA exam and it is asking for my PTIN. What is a PTIN?

Answer: New regulations require all paid tax return preparers to obtain a PTIN. Renewals for 2012 are expected to start in October 2011. You may apply for your PTIN in 4 easy steps.

Click here for instructions on how you can obtain your PTIN.

Note: According to the IRs, if you prepared returns for compensation in 2011, then you are required to obtain a PTIN by December 31, 2011. 2011 PTINs expire on December 31, 2011, and will need to be renewed for the 2012 season. If you will not begin preparing returns until 2012, or if you wish to renew your PTIN for 2012, you must wait until PTIN open season begins. The 2012 open season is expected to begin later in October.

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