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Contact Us : 800.874.5346 | International: +1 352.375.0772

EA Review Guarantee 

Simple, Complete Coverage

Gleim Premium EA Review System Guarantee

We want you to feel at ease with your purchase and assure you that Gleim will support you in your exam preparation efforts.

As long as you are preparing for and taking the EA exam part(s) for which you purchased the Gleim Premium EA Review System, we will ensure that you have Access Until You Pass®. Your electronic material will update automatically when new editions are released and when content revisions are made. In addition, we’ll ship you the new edition of the book(s) for only the cost of shipping.

If you follow the Gleim “suggested steps” detailed in our Premium EA Review System, are unsuccessful in passing the exam, and are not satisfied with the System, we will refund your purchase price paid for the applicable parts. You must request this refund within 12 months of your purchase.

Traditional and Test Bank Supplement Guarantee

Gleim EA Review Replacement Guarantee

We GUARANTEE that all components of the Gleim EA Review will remain current for at least 12 months from your purchase date. If Gleim releases a new edition for any exam part you have purchased but not yet passed within 12 months, you may qualify to receive complimentary replacement books for only the cost of shipping and handling. Your electronic materials will update automatically. See below for conditions and details.


To qualify for replacement materials, you must:

  • Have purchased the Gleim EA Review, either one part at a time or as a three-part set, within the last 12 months directly from Gleim.
  • Have not sat for or have not passed the exam part(s).
  • Contact your Personal Counselor to verify shipping information and that you are receiving the correct edition.