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A CPA Study Plan: How to Stay Motivated for the CPA Exam

July 20, 2017

CPA Study Plan

Candidate Spotlight: Ebvomien Osaigbovo

If you take the CPA Exam directly after graduating from college, the student mindset may enable you to establish good study habits and achieve successful studying early on in the process of passing the exam. However, if life prevents you from getting to the exam until later on in your career, you may find super productive study sessions more difficult to achieve. Discovering your best study strategy may take time, and that time may include a failed section of the CPA Exam. What you need to start studying effectively as soon as possible in your CPA Exam journey, particularly if you have failed a section, is a realistic study plan and a commitment to following it.


CPA Exam Strategies: Multiple-Choice Questions

July 18, 2017

While you’re studying the subject matter tested on the CPA Exam, you should also be developing effective test-taking strategies and procedures. To maximize your scoring potential for the MCQs in each CPA Exam section, apply the following suggestions.

CPA Exam MCQ Strategy

  1. Budget your time so you can finish before time expires.
    • Spend about 1.25 minutes on each MCQ.
    • Before beginning your MCQ testlet, prepare a CPA Exam time management system a table that will show you how much time to spend on each testlet. Then, as you work through the MCQ testlets, monitor your time based on this guidance.
    •

BEC Written Communications

July 16, 2017

bec written communcations


Though the majority of CPA Exam questions consist of CPA Exam multiple-choice questions and Task-Based Simulations, candidates must master one other question type in order to pass the CPA Exam: the Written Communication Task. Written Communication Tasks (WCs) only appear on the BEC CPA Exam section, and they only contribute to 15% of your BEC score. However, BEC Written Communication Tasks are such a unique question type that failure to properly prepare for them could leave you with a sizable hole in your BEC score. Conversely, ample practice with BEC Written Communication Tasks can earn you an easy advantage on BEC. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and that much more confidence for CPA Exam success by developing your WC skills, and begin by learning the basics of BEC Written Communication Tasks.


Take the Guesswork Out of CPA Exam Studying

July 13, 2017

With April 1 come and gone, the most recent version of the CPA Exam has now been in effect for 1 full testing window. By placing increased emphasis on higher order skills, the new version promised to produce a more difficult exam overall. In response, Gleim CPA updated the platform of our review course while retaining proven learning techniques to give candidates the best chance at success no matter how challenging the exam becomes. The proprietary technology we have added to our course is called SmartAdaptTM, and with SmartAdaptTM powering our system, candidates can more quickly pass the CPA Exam.


CPA Requirements: The “4 E’s” of CPA Licensure

July 12, 2017


cpa requirements

In order to take the CPA Exam and obtain the CPA license, future CPAs must meet a series of very specific requirements. Most state boards have four requirements for becoming a licensed CPA, and these are known as the four Es – Ethics, Experience, Education, and Examination. The Uniform CPA Examination is the only step that is uniform nationally and accepted by all state boards for CPA licensure. The remaining requirements vary by state board.


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