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Navigating Task-Based Simulations on the New CPA Exam

March 27, 2017

task-based simulations on the new cpa exam

In the months leading up to the launch of the next version of the CPA Exam, the AICPA has disclosed many details about how the format and functionality of the exam will change. Now, with the new exam almost upon us, the AICPA has revealed new insight into navigating the increased number of Task-Based Simulation (TBS) testlets. Specifically, candidates will no longer be able see all of the TBSs at once. For candidates making the transition from the old exam to the new, this update may affect your exam day strategy.


Delayed CPA Exam Score Release

March 20, 2017

delayed cpa exam score release

The AICPA has shared the score release timeline for the remainder of 2017, and this timeline features far fewer target release dates for the testing windows to come than the testing window that has ended. As a candidate taking sections of both the old and new CPA Exams, you may worry that the reduced number of score release dates will cause a conflict with your 18 months of exam credit and the conditional credit rule, but new information from the AICPA and NASBA confirms that you should not worry, you should simply learn more about how these organizations will handle the situation.


The Benefits of a Summer Accounting Internship

March 17, 2017

summer accounting internship

As an accounting student, you can be well-prepared for your entire accounting career by the time you graduate if you capitalize on some of the valuable opportunities available to you. One particular opportunity you should pursue while still in school is an accounting internship. An accounting internship is an extensive introduction to the function and culture of an organization, and it can cover up to ten weeks of your summer. These internships can be full-time, part-time, paid, or unpaid, but no matter their structure, summer accounting internships definitely include benefits, so you should plan ahead and find the best one for you.


CPA Exam Introductory Screens: New Exam Edition Changes

March 14, 2017

cpa exam introductory screens

The changes coming to the CPA Exam on April 1 affect several aspects of the exam, one of which is the duration. While we learned months ago that each section of the exam would now last for four hours, the AICPA recently announced another modification to exam timing that can affect a candidate’s experience as much as total testing time.

Changes to CPA Exam Introductory Screens

When you sit for the CPA Exam, you begin the examination process by viewing a series of introductory screens. Among other things, these introductory screens ask you to accept the AICPA’s confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. An accompanying clock counts down the time candidates have to move through the screens. If candidates fail to complete the introductory screens and begin the exam within the time limit, the exam will shut down and cannot be restarted.


CPA Exam Pass Rates: 2016

March 6, 2017

cpa exam pass rates

With the new version of the CPA Exam arriving in about a month, the role of the previous version officially comes to a close. Before we say good-bye, let’s explore the newly released pass rates for 2016.

2016 CPA Exam Pass Rates

cpa exam pass rates

2016 CPA Exam Pass Rates: Observations

  • The Q4 pass rates were the lowest for 2016.
  • The Q4 2016 pass rates were generally lower than those of Q4 2015. Only the pass rate for FAR showed an increase from Q4 2015 to Q4 2016.
  •

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