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CPA Exam Prep Blog

BEC CPA Exam Section

August 15, 2017

bec cpa exam

One of the four sections of the CPA Exam is Business Environment and Concepts (BEC). Like the other three sections, the BEC CPA Exam section contains testlets of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and Task-Based Simulations (TBSs), but BEC is unique because it also has Written Communications (WCs). While the total testing time and testing process of BEC is the same as the other CPA Exam sections, the additional question type distinguishes BEC’s content, structure, and grading process.


AUD CPA Exam Section

August 14, 2017

aud cpa exam

The CPA Exam features four sections, and while each section is unique, they occasionally share a similar structure or content. The AUD CPA Exam section stands out due to the fact that this section is completely devoted to the audit process. However, as the topics of the FAR CPA Exam section overlap those of the three other sections, AUD contains content commonalities with FAR. AUD also imitates FAR in its structure and format. Taking a closer look at the AUD CPA Exam section will continue to reveal the correlations and distinctions between AUD and the other sections of the CPA Exam.


CPA Exam Structure

August 8, 2017

cpa exam structure

For anyone wanting to become a CPA, the CPA Exam is an unavoidable and sizable challenge. The exam is challenging not only because of how much time, money, and effort it takes to pass, but also because it consists of many different parts. However, you can simplify the process of passing by getting a strong grasp on the overall structure of the CPA Exam.

CPA Exam Structure: Exam Purpose

The CPA Exam is an imposing trial for CPA candidates because it serves a significant purpose. The CPA Examination is designed to measure professional competence in auditing, business law, taxation, and accounting. It also tests related business skills to assess candidates’ knowledge, the ability to apply such knowledge skillfully and with good judgment, and a thorough understanding of professional responsibilities and ethics. Passing this exam validates and confirms your professional accounting education and your competence to practice in a highly specialized field.


CPA Exam Document Review Simulations: DRS

August 4, 2017

cpa exam document review simulations

Within the Task-Based Simulation (TBS) testlets of each section of the CPA Exam, you may encounter a Document Review Simulation (DRS). CPA Exam Document Review Simulations are an intricate question type that offer a unique challenge to CPA candidates, but you can prepare to best DRSs by learning more about them.

An Explanation of CPA Exam Document Review Simulations

The DRS is a type of Task-Based Simulation in which candidates will be given a realistic document and the source materials that go with it. The document will contain highlighted words, phrases, sentences, or even paragraphs that may or may not be correct. The candidate will be responsible to determine which edits are necessary, if any at all.


CPA Task-Based Simulations Study Tips

July 31, 2017

CPA Task-Based Simulations

Task-Based Simulations (TBSs) are a significant part of the CPA Exam, as evidenced by the scoring weight assigned to this question type. AUD, FAR, and REG each contain 8 TBSs that are worth 50% of the section score, while BEC features 4 TBSs and 3 Written Communications (WCs) that combine to contribute 60% of the total score. Knowing how important TBSs are, you should review the basics of Task-Based Simulations and adopt these CPA Task-Based Simulations study tips.


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