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April, 2017
I felt very at-ease taking the actual exams. Except for my surroundings, sitting for the actual exam felt so much like taking a practice Gleim exam. Gleim is a thorough study system and nothing that was tested on any of the exams surprised me because it had been covered. I could not afford to purchase the entire system and appreciated that I could purchased the sections one at a time. Once I passed the first section, I realized the value and knew that I would use Gleim for all four sections. Gleim helped me develop the confidence and skill to pass each section on the first try with scores of 80 or higher. Also, the Personal Counselors were very helpful and encouraged me throughout the process.
Renee Garcia, CPA

April, 2017
Gleim was very accurate to what was on the test. Every section was covered very well and I had more than enough knowledge for all four tests. Without Gleim's multiple choice questions I would have felt I only knew the bare minimum and most likely would have failed. The Gleim course was more than enough material to help me pass all the sections on the first try. I was able to pick between reading, lectures, sims, and multiple choice questions depending on the subject or my mood that day. I would not have been able to pass without the help of Gleim.
Court Gardner
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