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IPPF Content Changes from The IIA

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Recently, The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) released a new version of the International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF). This framework consists of the principles, codes, and standards that The IIA promotes in order to direct the internal auditing profession. While the new IPPF includes mandatory and recommended guidance that will affect the actions of internal auditors in the field, many accountants preparing to further their career and increase their professional development are curious about how it will impact the CIA exam.

Policy for General IPPF Content Changes

This concern stems from the fact that the CIA exam addresses the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards), which is content contained in the IPPF. The content of the framework serves as the basis for the CIA exam rather than the framework itself. Therefore, The IIA adheres to the policy that the CIA exam will not incorporate changes to the IPPF content until at least six months after these changes occur.

Prediction for Coming IPPF Content Changes

In response to the question of when the CIA exam will begin to test on the latest changes to the IPPF content, the IIA website states that The IIA does not expect changes to the Standards to take place until after January 2017. Consequently, the exam would not test on those changes until at least six months after they happen in 2017. According to The IIA, this condition affords sufficient time for CIA exam review providers to make the necessary updates to their training programs to assist candidates in their preparations.

Promise for All IPPF Content Changes

Gleim CIA will revise our review materials to reflect the updated Standards at a time that best suits the needs of candidates taking the exam once these updates become testable. At Gleim, we want you to prepare for internal auditing changes as they are testable, so we will modify our materials at the appropriate time.

When the time comes, our CIA review courses will be ready to supply candidates with the most current content that puts them in the best position for success. Whether you are taking the CIA exam before or after these standards become testable, you don’t have to worry with Gleim CIA. Our current CIA review course can prepare you to pass the CIA exam, so learn how to get started today and pass before the exam changes!