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The First and Only Truly-Adaptive CIA Review Course

Over thirty-five years ago, Gleim set the standard for CIA review with the first CIA review course. Since then, Gleim has remained the #1 course on the market and has trained more CIAs than any other review course. Because we have seen so many exam changes and produced so many successful candidates, we have the expertise needed to take CIA review to the next level, and with our latest, truly-adaptive CIA review course, we’ve done just that.

The 2019 Gleim CIA Review, the first and only truly-adaptive CIA review course, features our new and innovative SmartAdapt™ technology, a course platform that adapts to you. SmartAdapt analyzes your performance and targets your weak areas, creating a personalized learning path. The result is efficient and effective studying without any guesswork. To help you understand what SmartAdapt is really capable of and how you can use it to optimize your study time, we’ll define adaptive technology and discuss how our new course works.

What Is Adaptive Learning Technology?

Adaptive learning is an educational approach that customizes the learning experience by presenting material based on an individual’s learning requirements. In other words, the approach determines what you need and then delivers the appropriate content.

The SmartAdapt technology of Gleim CIA Review uses algorithms to recreate this educational approach; it redirects your review based on your performance. For example, if you don’t score well on a multiple-choice quiz, the course will assess what you have done so far in that study unit. Then, in order to help you increase your knowledge, the course will recommend the appropriate learning tools like specific sections of our digital book or selected videos that expand further on those topics. SmartAdapt directs your studies to enable you to study better, master concepts faster, and avoid feeling overwhelmed. With SmartAdapt, your journey from CIA review to exam success is clear and manageable.

What Makes Gleim CIA Review the Only Truly-Adaptive Course?

The 2019 Gleim CIA Review is truly adaptive because SmartAdapt applies a multi-directional approach to your studies. By taking the following steps, SmartAdapt prepares you to pass better than any other course.

  1. Guiding your study
    SmartAdapt expertly leads you through all the learning and testing modules. By doing so, our course ensures that you interact with each exam topic as much as necessary. SmartAdapt works with our intuitively organized content to show you everything you need to see before you sit for the exam. Combining course flexibility with our comprehensive coverage gives you the opportunity to review all of the material and prioritizes where you need to focus your studies so you don’t waste any time.
  2. Providing check-up questions
    To help you maintain your understanding of previous topics, the course will supply you with questions from earlier study units throughout your review. This constant cumulative review promotes maximum knowledge retention. To ensure that you master all topics to CIA exam standards, SmartAdapt consistently serves questions that target your weaknesses while keeping previously studied topics fresh in your mind.
  3. Delivering a comprehensive learning approach
    SmartAdapt tells you what you need to know when you need to know it. At the beginning of every study unit, the course will test you on your understanding of relevant topics by presenting a diagnostic quiz. The results of the quiz will show you that the system has identified your potential weak areas, and you can concentrate your efforts accordingly. Because this pre-assessment is conveniently short and topic-specific, you can dive right in to a customized review.
  4. Offering a personalized study planner
    The interactive study planner in Gleim CIA Review is smart enough to streamline your study plan to best suit your lifestyle. Once you have entered your study start date, exam date, personal blackout dates, and the amount of time you can study each day, our study planner schedules all of the due dates for each study unit as well as the timeline for your final review. If you make any changes to your calendar, such as adding or removing a blackout date, your customized agenda will adjust as needed. You can also set the level of support you wish to receive, so the study planner will know to notify you if you’ve fallen behind. These flexible due dates and helpful reminders keep you on track to reach your exam goals.
  5. Identifying weak areas in both major topics and subtopics
    Addressing your weak areas is the best way to study for the CIA exam. Our course is designed to pinpoint and highlight weaknesses even in specific subtopics where improvement is needed. After you have reviewed the exam content, SmartAdapt gives you plenty of opportunities to apply what you’ve learned, and discover where you need to learn more, by pulling practice questions from our comprehensive test bank. As you complete quizzes, SmartAdapt also delivers on-demand performance analytics, helping you to stay on top of your progress. With this data, you can see all of the areas—big or small, general or specific—in which you have room for improvement.
  6. Including a practice exam that emulates the CIA exam
    When you’re ready to experience the CIA exam, our course launches a full-length practice exam. The practice exam is a mirror-image simulation of the CIA exam, incorporating more exam emulation than any other course on the market. Within the practice exam, you can take advantage of a time-management system and refine your answering strategies. Working in our realistic testing environment allows you to become completely comfortable with every facet of the exam before you face it.
  7. Supplying a point-boosting final review
    After you’ve completed the full-length Exam Rehearsal, you’ll move into final review mode, the most comprehensive and cumulative step in your exam prep, in which you will reinforce your understanding of already mastered topics. At this point, SmartAdapt considers your Exam Rehearsal results, your previous quiz scores, and the amount of time passed since you’ve seen certain topics in order to target your remaining weak areas. Our course then prescribes the best way for you to approach the specified study units and attain quiz scores that demonstrate proficiency. Your final review is a critical element of the exam process and gives you that last push toward better performance on the CIA exam.

How Can You Study with Truly-Adaptive Technology?

The only way to enhance your studies with the smartest course on the market is to use the 2019 Gleim CIA Review. The CIA exam is changing in January 2019, and SmartAdapt™ will prepare you for the new exam better than anything else. When you choose to review with our new course, you’ll get everything you need to be completely at ease with the CIA exam. Pre-order the first and only adaptive CIA course today!

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