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CIA Exam Costs

Learn about the total CIA exam costs and how you can save money while becoming a Certified Internal Auditor today!

How much does the CIA exam cost?

Like most professional examinations, there are costs associated with studying for and taking the CIA exam. Of course, there is the CIA exam cost itself, but there are many underlying ways to consider total certification costs, and how to save money throughout the process.

This page will cover:

IIA membership fees

Although IIA membership is not mandatory for taking the CIA exam, it is recommended for its many benefits, including discounted CIA exam application fees. As an IIA member, you can save more than $450 on the test portion of your CIA exam costs.

The IIA also provides additional benefits to IIA members. Learn how IIA membership boosts your career and saves you money on conferences and events throughout the year.

The IIA offers several membership types with the following fees. Please note each membership gets renewed annually, and payments drawn from foreign banks incur a $30 collection charge.

IIA Membership Fees*
Membership Type Fee
Professional $280
Public Sector $190
Educator $190
Student $0
Executive $995 (Add-on)

*All fees in USD.

CIA application fee

To take the CIA exam, IIA members and non-members must create a profile in The IIA’s Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS), apply to the CIA Certification Program, and pay the CIA exam application fee. The cost of the application fee varies according to membership type, which is why we recommend joining The IIA if you intend to take the CIA exam.

CIA Application Fees*
Membership Current Effective July 1, 2024
IIA Member $115 $120
Non-IIA Member $230 $240
Student $65 $65

*All fees in USD.

CIA exam fees

When you’re ready to register for any one exam part, login to the CCMS, fill out the appropriate registration form, and submit your order. The test portion of the CIA exam costs vary per part and membership type.

These prices are applicable in the United States, Canada, and many other countries, but they may differ in countries where the exam is administered through agreements with IIA affiliates. Contact your local affiliate Opens in new window to verify that these fees are accurate.

All CIA exam test fees are non-refundable.

CIA Exam Fees*
  Current Effective July 1, 2024
Exam Part Non-Member Member Student Non-Member Member Student
1 $425 $295 $245 $445 $310 $245
2 $395 $265 $215 $415 $280 $215
3 $395 $265 $215 $415 $280 $215

*All fees in USD.

CIA review course

Passing the CIA exam will require preparation. The best way to prepare is with a CIA review course. CIA review courses vary in price, but most fall between $500 and $1,400. Each review course will offer different components and study strategies, so be sure to consider your needs and total budget for your CIA exam costs when selecting a review course.

Some CIA review providers offer discounts to IIA members or students. Gleim offers a 20% discount to IIA members if your chapter is one of our partners, and all full-time students can save 20% on their CIA review materials through the Gleim student discount.

Travel expenses for the CIA exam

If you have to sit for the CIA exam at a distant testing center, then your CIA exam budget should account for travel expenses, such as airplane tickets, bus or train tickets, taxis, hotel rooms, gas, and meals. You can minimize these costs by registering early to secure the most convenient date, time, and location for your testing appointment.

The best testing location might not always be the closest testing center. If you have to book a flight to get to a testing center, consider your lodging and meal expenses. Some places that are further away may be cheaper depending on where you are flying out from and what sort of amenities are offered in the area.

How to save money on CIA exam costs

Becoming a certified internal auditor can be expensive, but you can do a few things to reduce your total CIA exam costs.

Join The IIA

Being a member of The IIA reduces the cost of each part of the CIA exam. If you pass all three parts of the CIA exam within 1 year of getting your professional membership, you’ll save roughly $200 over non-members. The savings are even greater for students and educators.

Take the CIA exam while you’re a student

Students can save a lot of money on the CIA exam. In fact, student IIA members can save around $700 compared to non-members. Full-time college students can enter the CIA program and sit for the CIA exam parts once they are in their final year of education. They must complete the education requirement before they can be certified.

Reschedule the CIA exam if you’re not prepared

If your testing appointment is approaching, and you’re not prepared or can’t make the appointment, be sure to reschedule your exam. You can reschedule the CIA exam if you have at least 48 hours remaining until your testing appointment. While you must pay a $75 (USD) rescheduling fee, you will not forfeit the remainder of your CIA exam fees.

Total CIA Exam Costs

When it’s all said and done, how much does it cost to take the exam? We can help predict most of it, but if you require travel to take the test, that will be a variable expense we can’t project.

CIA Certification Fees*
  Current Effective July 1, 2024
Fee Type IIA Member Non-IIA Member IIA Member Non-IIA Member
CIA Review Course $1,249 $1,249 $1,249 $1,249
IIA Membership $280 $0 $280 $0
CIA Application $115 $230 $120 $240
Part 1 Exam Fee $295 $425 $310 $445
Part 2 Exam Fee $265 $395 $280 $415
Part 3 Exam Fee $265 $395 $280 $415
Total $2,469 $2,694 $2,519 $2,764

*All fees in USD.

The total cost may still vary depending on the review system you purchase, your IIA membership type, and which country you test in, but the table above is a good frame of reference for most CIA candidates.

Hard costs are important, but it’s also worth considering the opportunity cost of the time you must invest in studying. Long term, even if your expenses and time spent studying are on the higher end of the spectrum, the return on your investment will more than make up for the cost.

Now that you have a budget, you can begin to make a plan. Start by learning all about the CIA exam from our CIA exam guide. It covers the exam syllabus, pass rates, requirements, grading procedures, time management, and more. It even includes tips and tricks to minimize the unquantifiable opportunity cost of preparing for the exam. Access it for free today!