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Understanding CMA Exam Content Updates

New CMA edition announcement

The ICMA updates the CMA exam regularly based on what is considered the common body of knowledge in which Certified Management Accountants (CMAs) should be proficient. So when you’re studying for the exam, you need to know that your study materials cover all current topics, including any new, testable standards or accounting pronouncements.

CMA Exam Content Updates

The ICMA establishes the parameters of the CMA exam with Learning Outcome Statements (LOSs) that are tied into their Content Specification Outlines (CSOs). The CSOs help to establish the foundation for the CMA exam, allow for consistent coverage on the exam, and provide candidates with solid information about the exam’s content. The LOSs are professional knowledge and technical skills that a CMA should have with a focus on identifying, demonstrating, calculating, and analyzing financial data as outlined by the CSOs. Both CSOs and LOSs are updated by the ICMA to reflect trends and changes in the accounting profession.

According to the ICMA, “Candidates are responsible for being informed on the most recent developments in the areas covered in the outlines. This includes understanding of public pronouncements issued by accounting organizations as well as being up-to-date on recent developments reported in current accounting, financial and business periodicals.” Of course, a good CMA review provider will do all that research for you and help you learn exactly what you need to know for the CMA exam. That’s something we here at Gleim have had perfected for decades.

Gleim CMA Updates — Always in Progress

Dr. Gleim’s philosophy is we should all be continually learning and seeking improvement. As the leader in CMA exam prep, we are always looking at how we can help candidates be more successful and, with the 2018 edition, we did just that. We took a fresh look at each of the 292 LOSs and enhanced our coverage of testable content. We analyzed them, considered their weight in the overall exam, and made changes to our study units and subunits to make sure every aspect of our review materials is comprehensive. And we didn’t stop there. As we do with every new edition, our editors made sure that we listened to what our customers said and incorporated candidate feedback throughout the material and course features.

For example, in Part 1, based on candidate feedback, we’ve added new content about channel stuffing and expanded our coverage about the benefits of benchmarking. In Part 2, we’ve enhanced our coverage of ethics based on the importance the CMA exam places on ethics.

We take exam updates very seriously. Our instructors, authors, and editors are from prestigious academic backgrounds, and the majority of our staff holds graduate degrees or higher. Of course, Dr. Gleim, our founder and author, is renowned for his excellence in teaching and accomplishments in the field of accounting. Every year, under his guidance, we review the LOSs, revise and add material to align our courses with them, and work hard to ensure our products’ accuracy and completeness.

CMA Exam Essay Help with Video Lectures

The essay portion of the CMA exam has its own challenges. You’re provided with information and a scenario for an organization, and then asked to provide a clear, in-depth answer to the question(s). This question format is quite different from the standard multiple-choice questions, and requires a different mental attitude as it tests a higher level of knowledge. You have to examine the information, analyze it, perform various calculations with it, and then put together a coherent, well-written essay.

Gleim CMA Exam Prep already provides the largest bank of CMA practice essays that emulate the exam environment. However, to help candidates do well with these questions, we’re implementing a brand-new element this fall: essay walk-through videos. These are instructional videos to show you what to look for and how to assemble your essay answers to do well on the CMA exam. We start with a scenario screen, just like the one on the CMA exam, then break down the questions within the scenario, and show you how to answer each one. We also explain the logic of the order of answers and the elements for each. Tips about moving between screens, working on your typing speed, and the acceptability of different formatting options (i.e., the use of bullet points in your answer) are covered too. These videos will give you a hands-on practice with essay questions, which is an invaluable experience when you sit for your CMA exam.

CMA Updates Between New Editions

You won’t have to be concerned about missing out on any CMA exam updates with Gleim because we issue updates to our products regularly, and we ensure that recent changes are always included in our new editions. We’ll also keep your online components updated as we go. You have only to keep studying with Gleim and you’ll be firmly on your way to passing the CMA.

Access Until You Pass® Guarantee—You’ll Never Miss an Update

Our Access Until You Pass® guarantee keeps you up-to-date on all CMA exam elements. Maybe you’re not planning to sit for the first part of the exam until the January/February 2018 testing window. Now is the perfect time to get started! Then, even if you’re not able to take the exam when you first plan to, or if you wait to take the second part in 2019, we’ll make sure you have all the relevant information you need to be prepared for the CMA exam. Thanks to the Access Until You Pass™ guarantee, you’ll always be up-to-date, no matter when you first purchase our review system. Our goal is for you to study with peace of mind while we focus on making sure you have everything you need to pass.

A CMA Exam Review that Keeps You Up-to-Date

Gleim CMA is with you every step of the way so you feel at ease throughout your studies. Start your journey to becoming a CMA today with a free demo of our current CMA review.

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