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I highly recommend Gleim’s products for anyone taking the CPA exam.

I struggled immensely when I was studying with Becker, but switched to Gleim when that expired due to the cost savings. The questions and material were much more challenging and definitely better prepared me for the exam. After studying with Gleim, I walked out of each one of my exams feeling confident that I had passed for the first time. I failed FAR with a 61 on my first attempt while studying with Becker and I passed FAR with an 83 on my second attempt with Gleim. I would not have made it without Gleim and will be recommending it to any and everyone I know taking the exams.

– Dalton Bradshaw, Senior Accountant, BMSS, LLC

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Gleim helped me structure my study so that I was studying in a very consistent way.

For me Gleim was one of the primary reasons I passed the exams. No doubt in my mind. So I always would suggest that when you’re studying you have a product like Gleim because without it I would not be a CPA. And without my CPA all of the career opportunities I’ve had so far, including right now as the Chief Financial Officer at the National Urban League, they wouldn’t have come my way. So thank you, Gleim.

– Calvin Harris, CPA, CFO National Urban League

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The Professor-Led materials are an excellent resource and tool that enhances student candidates’ learning.

The people at Gleim are very helpful and they are eager to work with faculty to customize the Professor-Led materials (e.g, quizzes, completion tracking, etc.) in a way that fits your course objectives.

– Frank Nekrasz, Jr., Ph.D., CFE, CPA, CFF, DABFA – the Lecturer of Accountancy – Director, CPA Review Program, University of Illinois – Urbana – Champaign

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