9/3/04 Multiple Computer Problems

Here’s what a candidate said who had a computer problem on more than one section of the CPA exam:

“There was a problem with the exam. I thought that computer problems were supposed to be rare, but I had another one. About 2 hours into the test, there was a power surge and everyone in the room (12 of us) had the computer screens go blank. It took the testing center staff about 20 minutes to fix the problem by rebooting the computers. Like last time, I was started back where I left off (Testlet 3, question 11). Other than that, there were no other problems.”

Though this candidate encoutered a computer problem on two separate occasions, his progress on the exam, and ultimately his score, were unaffected. If you encounter any computer problems during your exam do not be discouraged. Report the problem to the proctor and move on with your test as soon as possible.

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